LazyCat Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score
LazyCat Green Team Memory Foam Mattress Review

If you are looking for a foam mattress that is made from durable, safe and comfortable materials but doesn’t come with a super expensive price tag, this mattress from LazyCat could be an excellent option for you. We rate this mattress a 9.2 out of 10 stars.

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In this review, we discuss the LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Memory Foam mattress’ ability to deliver on its claims that it really is comfy and supportive for everyone. We tested the mattress and reviewed all of the relevant information for you so that you can determine whether this mattress is right for you. LazyCat manufacturers have ten years of experience designing and crafting bedroom furniture. This company is dedicated to meeting sleepers’ needs by creating high-quality products. They are also good corporate citizens; they are creating furniture with minimal impact on the environment. A true testament to this commitment is The Natural Green Tea Infused Memory Foam mattress.

The memory foam in this mattress is combined with green tea, super soft foam, natural latex, and high-density base foam. These materials all mix in this LazyCat mattress to make a comfy and supportive sleeping product that truly provides a peaceful and regenerative sleep. As expected from a company that has a commitment to the environment, all of the materials used in manufacturing the mattress received a CertiPUR US Certification. This certification ensures that the materials are free from chemicals that are detrimental to the environment and the consumer. You should relax as you know that you are purchasing a mattress that is as right for you as well as the environment.

An excellent rival to the LazyCat mattress is the Zinus Green Tea Infused Memory Foam mattress. Both products are made out of four layers of exceptional-quality foam. Both are infused with Green Tea. The main difference between the Zinus mattress and the LazyCat mattress is just a 1-inch thickness. The Zinus is 12 inches thick, while the Lazy Cat mattress is 11 inches thick.

Another competitor is the AC Pacific Green Tea Infused Memory Foam mattress. Both these mattresses provide a layer of memory foam infused with green tea. The main difference here, however, is the AC Pacific mattress has only 2 layers and is 8 inches thick. On the other hand, LazyCat has 4 layers and is 11 inches thick. The LazyCat mattress is without a doubt more durable and supplies more support compared to the AC Pacific mattress.

Mattress Layers

This mattress is made out of four layers of the finest quality foam. The first layer is a green tea-infused memory foam, the second is natural latex, the third is super soft foam, and finally the fourth layer of supportive high-density base foam. This 11-inch thick mattress is designed to bring you the best quality of sleep you are missing The foams used in this LazyCat mattress are CertiPUR US Certified, meaning they are safe for the environment and you.

The four layers of the LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Memory Foam mattress is surrounded by a cover crafted from soft-knitted Belgium Bekaert fabric. This cover is extremely breathable, which minimizes heat retention. It also makes the mattress cool at night. It is exceptionally light and even lets you feel the layers of foam directly below. The cover is machine cleanable. You can easily remove it and put it back. It comes with a zipper. The cover design is fairly simple. It is mostly white, but there exists a little navy blue close to the base. This somehow adds a modern flair to the design.

The First Layer

The top layer of this LazyCat mattress is 1.5 inches of green-tea memory foam. This is layer is responsible for creating the initial sensation of softness that you experience when you first lie down on the mattress. It is extremely responsive and produces a hugging feeling while conforming to the natural curves of your body. This initial layer distributes weight uniformly and reduces stress on your body.

The Second Layer

The second layer of foam is natural latex. It is 1.5-inches thick. This is the layer responsible for providing a healthy level of bounce. It additionally restricts motion transfer. In a nutshell, you won’t have a problem moving around as you are not sucked into the mattress. You also will not feel your significant other’s motion in the bed. The latex found in this mattress is imported from Thailand and provides anti-microbial qualities. This means the bed is hypoallergenic and immune to dust mites.

The layer of latex comes with moisture-wicking properties. Moisture is essentially pulled away from the body. This makes the surface of the mattress cool and comfortable the whole night.

The Third Layer

The next layer is super soft foam. It is 2 inches thick. This foam is responsible for the mattress conforming to the body and it creates a comfortable feeling of softness. It also helps to provide pressure point relief, by distributing weight evenly all over the mattress. This layer provides pain relief linked to sleeping on surfaces that create pressure points like innerspring mattresses.

The Base Layer

Finally, the foundation layer is high-density base foam. It is 6-inches thick. This layer is a platform to support the three layers above. It helps in maintaining the shape of the mattress. It also inhibits the mattress from sagging. It is designed to provide compression support, even further doing away with pain as a result of pressure build-up.


The LazyCat uses the bed-in-a-box sales strategy. The mattress is only available to buy on the internet. It is delivered straight from the producer to the consumer. This strategy cuts down on the anxiety associated with the sales tactics used at the mattress store. It also lowers expenses. This makes the mattress more affordable as the cost savings are handed down to the buyer. The disadvantage is that you can’t give it a try before buying it. This may make it challenging to decide if this mattress meets your needs.

To help you better understand if this mattress fulfills your expectations, we thoroughly examined the essential factors that affect the overall design, quality, design, and comfort of the mattress. In this part of our guideline, you can read our unbiased thoughts after testing the mattress. The factors that we assessed are firmness, heat retention, smell, pain relief &support, and comfort.

Firmness: We rate this mattress with a score of 6. It is merely a little above neutral. This makes this mattress very attractive to most consumers.

Comfort:  The mattress is exceptionally comfortable. What you instantly recognize is the highly responsive top layer foam which induces some sort of hugging feeling as it contours to your body. The super-soft foam adds softness and comfort. Motion transfer is highly restricted due to the latex layer. You don’t feel any motion in the mattress when your partner moves or gets into or out of bed. This is good for people sharing a bed; as you may often be annoyed by the motions that your significant other makes at night.

Pain Relief and Support: Top layer is soft, comfortable, and highly supportive. The support originates from its highly responsive attributes; it reacts to the natural shape of the body. It perfectly allocates your body weight through the surface. This minimizes stress and pressure point built upon the body, which basically does away with the discomfort that comes with standard beds. In addition, the high-density support foam lowers the pain development in your backside, neck, and shoulder area as you sleep.

Heat Retention: The latex layer along with the cover drives heat away from the entire body and moves it all over the mattress. This removes heat retention. Having said that, you can find more mattresses in the marketplace which are more effective in reducing the heat cycle. We observe some heating up at night time. This is something you should think about if either you or your significant other sleeps hot.

Smell: One common complaint you’ll often hear about memory foam mattresses is the off-gassing odor experienced upon initial setup. Certain chemicals are used to construct the foam that can have an unpleasant odor. We failed to observe any smell coming from this mattress. The materials used in the foam are CertiPUR US Certified. If you notice an odor, we are certain that it is going to be very slight. It is best to place the mattress in a room with air circulation. The odor will disappear within several hours.

Intimacy: Foam mattresses are known for being not good for passionate activities. The latex layer provides a nice level of bounce that could facilitate those intimate bedroom activities. But keep in mind that this is not an innerspring mattress. There will never be as much bounce in a foam mattress compared to innerspring ones.

Sleeping Position Ratings

We also reviewed how the LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Memory Foam mattress feels in many different sleep positions.

Back Sleepers: We think that this mattress is very comfortable for back sleepers. As it can evenly disperse weight and conform to the body, the pressure buildup is eliminated. This is especially true for back sleepers. However, keep in mind that you may find this mattress a bit soft if you happen to be heavy.

Stomach Sleepers: As for stomach sleepers, this mattress is quite comfortable. Because this mattress is virtually neutral in firmness it is well-suited for stomach sleepers. It will never cause you to feel sucked into the mattress.

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers frequently have pressure build-up in various places in their body simply because of spinal alignment issues. The mattress can successfully prevent the buildup of pressure in the body. It can continuously maintain the proper support and spinal alignment all night long.

Bed Frame:

This product is can be used with all types of bed frames. This mattress can be used with your current bed frame so you won’t need to buy new furniture. As long as your bed frame is the same size, you are pretty much covered. For those of you that want to upgrade to a bigger size, we recommend IKEA bed frames as they are very durable and affordable.

Warranty: The manufacturer does not offer a trial period for this mattress. However, you can buy it at Amazon or Walmart. You can still return to those retailers if you are not satisfied with the product. If the mattress is returned in 30 days, full money-back guarantee is offered


The LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Memory Foam mattress is manufactured out of fantastic quality foam. It is CertiPUR US Certified. This mattress is relatively cheap. We recommend it to our site visitors as it offers great value. The mattress undoubtedly provides superior support and comfort compared to its rivals.

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