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This our honest and unbiased Helix Mattress Review. The very first thing you should know about this mattress is that it is completely customized to your personal needs.  Before you can get to the checkout page, you have to take a quiz take that asks specific questions about your body type and sleeping preferences to ensure you get the bed that meets your individual needs. The final product changes to match your preferences based on the answers given in the quiz.

The Helix mattress has opted for the bed-in-a-box sales and marketing strategy; they only sell the mattress online.  This strategy removes the traditional middleman at the mattress store and passes the savings directly to the consumer.  I have not seen a mattress company so dedicated to your satisfaction that they will not let you buy the bed until they have evaluated your sleeping preferences.  For this, I think Helix is absolutely unique and really stands out in the industry.  Helix might be worth your consideration if you think that there is no “best” mattress for everyone.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

The concept Helix employs is interesting, but, before I tried it, I was skeptical that they would actually deliver a mattress of exceptional quality.

The Helix mattress is right for you if:

  • You want to save money – Because Helix uses the popular bed-in-a-box model, they can cut the costs associated with the middleman at the corner mattress store.  The bed ships directly from the factory to your doorstep. They, in turn, pass the savings on to you.
  • You are considering popular foam beds like Tempurpedic, or the bed-in-a-box model – The quality of the Helix mattress is on par with the best-known memory foam brands on the market, and it has a very competitive price point.
  • You believe mattress personalization improves the quality of your sleep – You see a lot of mattress companies pushing the one size fits all mattress lines.  Recent consumer reports indicate many people have a completely opposite belief.  Helix is the first bed-in-a-box mattress maker that offers a wide variety of options to suit many different sleep preferences.
  • You want a sleeping surface backed by research – Helix designed their mattresses based on the research completed by PhDs to determine and address the most critical sleeping factors.  There are a variety of data points that affect the design and individual customization of your mattress.
  • You like the feel of latex foam – The overall feel of this mattress is like latex foam.
  • You and your sleeping partner have different preferences – This mattress maker understands that you might not love your partner’s preferred sleeping surface! You will have the ability to personalize each side of the mattress to ensure each person is receiving the same level of customization and satisfaction so you can both get that restorative and restful night of sleep. This is a fantastic mattress option for couples.

You may not like the Helix mattress if:

  • You do not prefer foam mattress – There is a layer of microcoils in this mattress making it much springier than traditional memory foam mattress, but it still has the overall feel of a foam mattress.  If your preference is an innerspring mattress and you do not like foam, then Helix is not likely change your mind.
  • You want to try the mattress in a store – The Helix mattress is only sold online, and it is customized to your particular needs, so until it arrives you will not know exactly how it will feel.  Helix will give you a full refund within 100 days, so there is no financial risk, but some people are just more comfortable purchasing a mattress they try at a store.
  • You have more money to spend on the mattress – The Helix mattress offers incredible value, but if you are looking to spend more money, there are some other higher priced mattresses that offer more options.  Helix is a fairly new mattress brand, so you will not find hundreds of reviews out there.  You will be one of the first to have the mattress.  This is certainly not a bad thing, and you can provide the reviews for others who might be looking for a new mattress.

How to personalize Helix Mattress

On the Helix site, you will be required to take a quiz that asks questions about you and (optionally) your partner’s sleeping preferences and body characteristics.  Your answers will determine what kind of mattress is perfect for you based on four primary characteristics:

  • Feel – Soft, medium, or firm – the plushness of the mattress.
  • Support – People require different levels of support based on their sleeping positions and body composition.
  • Temperature Regulation – Some people are very concerned about the heat retention cycle, while others are not concerned at all.
  • Point Elasticity – This correlates to motion transfer, or how much pressure put on one part of the mattress might affects the rest of the mattress.

For me personally, the mattress absolutely matched my preferences perfectly along each of the four categories (mine was medium-firm, above-average support, cool temperature, and high elasticity).

Mattress Layers

The mattress is constructed of three layers.  The first layer is 2 inches of a latex-like foam called Helix Dynamic Foam.  The middle layer is 2.4 inches of pocket coils, and the foundation is a combined 6-inch layer of Polyfoam.  The construction of these layers can be customized to suit your personalized preferences.

Why should you buy this mattress? 

  • Helix return policy – You have 100 days to sleep on the mattress.  They will provide a full refund, no questions asked, if you are not satisfied.
  • Decompression window – The mattress felt comfortable just after unboxing, but after 72 hours of decompressing, the mattress felt much better.  This is common for beds shipped in a box, but it is something you need to be aware of when you set it up at home.
  • Superior customer service – Even though this company is in its infancy, it is easy to see they are committed to providing strong customer service.  They are also committed to ensuring your mattress shopping experience was positive from research through delivery.
  • Financing is available – Helix offers financing, so you can make monthly payments if you do not want to pay the whole price up front.

The quality of the mattress and particularly the personalization options were impressive.  We reviewed several mattresses and, this one is definitely one of the best.  I believe many other bed-in-a-box mattress manufacturers provide high quality products, but the “one size fits all” concept never really resonated with me, so I really like the personalization options provided by Helix.  I would definitely recommend the Helix mattress to a friend or a stranger.

We give this mattress a rating of 4.5 out of five stars.  The three main pros of the Helix are:

  • Ability to personalize the mattress
  • Each side can be customized (for couples)
  • Great value and exceptional return policy



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