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This honest and unbiased dromma bed review will focus on the medium-soft model because it appeals to most people.  Let’s dive right in and find out if this bed is worthy of your consideration.  Before we explain the product in detail, you should know that the product is no longer available via amazon.com. We recommend Lull Mattress or Shea Mattress from Sleep Innovations. Both mattresses are very similar to dromma.

More and more companies enlisting the online-only sales and marketing strategy saving consumers an untold sum of money.  When companies sell directly to the consumer, they cut out a substantial piece of the price tag because they do not have to pay the middleman at the corner retail store. The Dromma Bed is another member of the online-only sales and marketing strategy, and it offers a range of unique aspects.  This made me curious and I wanted to find out exactly how they compare to the competition.

The Dromma is good for you if:

  • You sleep on your side – this model provides pressure relief to people who sleep on their sides.  It balances the perfect softness with optimized support to be healthy and functional if you sleep in this position.
  • You’re open to buying a mattress that comes in a box, and you are looking for something that is made with natural materials – the top layer of this mattress is made from natural latex, also the memory foam is, in part, bio-based. This is not an entirely organic bed, but it is utilizing a mixture of natural materials with practical materials to deliver an affordable, comfortable sleeping surface.
  • You are looking for a cool mattress – the construction of this mattress supports maximum airflow so that heat dissipates and the surface temperature remains consistently cool.  The natural latex top layer supports maximum breathability and the memory foam beneath that is infused with gel. This layered construction prevents heat retention.
  • You want a foam bed – this bed does not have a list of shortcomings in terms of the comfort level you can expect from a foam mattress.  It offers pressure relief and it is more responsive than your memory foam mattress.

The Dromma will not suit you if:

  • You’re a stomach or back sleeper – this mattress is best suited for people who tend to sleep on their sides.  If you sleep on your stomach or back, you’ll likely find this model too soft to deliver lasting comfort and support.
  • You are looking for an innerspring experience – even though you’ll find this mattress has significant push-back from the latex in the top layer, the bed has more foam-like properties than innerspring properties.  You will not get the sensation of an innerspring bed from this mattress.  It does not mean you won’t like this mattress or find it uncomfortable, but if you prefer the innerspring construction, this foam mattress will not deliver the results you’re expecting.
  • You want a slow-moving foam feel – this model is highly responsive to pressure.  It will revert back to its original shape quickly as you move around or exit the bed.  If you are looking for the classic memory foam slow contour, this mattress is not going to deliver it to you.

The aforementioned are just some of the general specifications to set your expectations.  If this mattress will suit your needs, read on for a more in-depth look at the bed and its capabilities.

The construction is crucial to the comfort and support this mattress delivers and is responsible for the overall sensations you experience when you start to fall asleep and when you wake up.  This mattress is 12 inches thick and uses a layered construction to provide comfort and support for side sleepers inside of the three multi-functional layers.

The top layer is 1.5 inches of Dromma Flow Latex.  This is a naturally occurring material that is intended to deliver initial comfort, heat dissipation, and rapid responsiveness to the pressure exerted by your body weight.  The latex delivers an expressed push-back that can only be provided by this material, and it adds to the overall support you can experience on this bed.

The middle layer is made of 2.5 inches of proprietary Dromma Breeze Gel and it is responsible for maintaining a cool and comfortable surface temperature.  This material supports the mattress’s ability to remain consistently cool throughout the night so you’ll never have to worry about waking drenched in sweat.

The foundation layer is 8 inches thick, and it acts as the support for the mattress. This substantial layer of foam provides adequate deep compression support and ensures maximum relief from pressure build-up.

Dromma is a latex material capable of catering to a few different preferences in firmness. There are two options to choose between – medium firm and medium soft.  The medium firm bed is better suited for people who are back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. The medium-soft option provides excellent support for stomach sleepers and side sleepers.

The three layers are brought together by a cover made from a 460 GSM panel fabric.  In simpler terms, this cover is 1% lycra and 99% polyester.  The border features 100% polyester and the GSM fabric is 375.  The cover is aesthetically pleasing and comes in snow white.

You should always consider protecting any mattress with a mattress protector to maintain the overall integrity of the bed.

The overall feel of the mattress is something that remains subjective; this is definitely one of the most comfortable beds we’ve had the pleasure of testing for you.  It is certainly easy to appreciate the combination of latex and gel-infused memory foam. Even people who are used to or prefer a springy bed are sure to find some pressure relief in the push-back that is associated with the latex materials in this mattress.

Adding to the overall comfort of the bed, heat is flawlessly dissipated.  The natural latex combined with the gel-infused memory foam prevents the buildup of heat and eliminates discomfort common among standard foam bed owners.  This is something that people who routinely sleep hot will come to appreciate.  You won’t experience any more nighttime waking from being hot and sweaty.

Latex is a highly responsive material that prevents users from feeling trapped inside the mattress.  The trapped feeling is a common complaint among memory foam owners, however, this mattress still contours for proper alignment and adequate pressure relief.  Converse to memory foam, latex allows you to move more freely on the bed without struggling.  The mattress itself is just as quick to respond when body weight is removed it returns to its regular form as soon as pressure is removed.

The attributes of this unique mattress are all shown to support a healthy and restorative night of sleep.  Keep in mind we tested the medium soft model best suited for side sleepers. You will notice it does deliver an expressed contouring.  People who are heavier in weight are unlikely to find this particular model to be supportive.  Those on the heavier side should opt for a firmer mattress for comfort and adequate support.

The medium-soft model is appropriate for side sleepers and stomach sleepers of average weight and size. If you are a back sleeper, we would recommend the medium firm option for a more reliable and supportive product that will maintain proper spinal alignment.

Motion transfer is virtually eliminated in this mattress and it is a splendid product for people who sleep with a partner.  You are unlikely to feel any disturbance while you sleep if your partner moves around a lot or enters and exits the bed while you’re sleeping.

This mattress ships right to your door.  It arrives compressed in a box.  When you receive the box, you’ll take it to the room you want it to stay in and unpack it.  It will need a bit of time to decompress; also you might notice an unpleasant off-gassing odor.  This is a temporary odor that will dissipate as the mattress has an opportunity to ventilate.  This is a common odor associated with memory foam beds that come compressed in a box.  It might take a couple of days for the scent to fully dissipate.

Final Thoughts

9 Total Score

A unique feature of this mattress is the incorporation of latex and gel to support a consistently cool surface temperature.  The memory foam base provides all of the same deep compression support that makes this such an attractive surface to sleep on.  These features give the Dromma bed a particularly distinctive and high-quality sleeping surface. This bed should appeal to people who want all the benefits foam has to offer, but don’t want to feel trapped or hot inside their bed.   The latex material addresses the deep contour and heat retention that plagues standard memory foam beds. The Dromma mattress is perfect for people who prefer sleeping on their sides and are looking for a highly responsive, comfortable, and supportive bed.  Heat retention is almost completely eliminated and you’ll find yourself sleeping more soundly every night and waking up feeling more rested than ever.

  • The mattress has excellent cooling features
  • This mattress is not good for back sleepers.

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