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This mattress is very comfotable and comes in soft, medium and firm versions. It has minimal heat retention, minimal to no motion transfer, and it provides exceptional support and comfort. The Novosbed mattress is a great choice and we were definitely be impressed by the quality of sleep it provided!

Pain Relief
Edge Support
Off Gassing
Back Sleeping
Side Sleeping
Stomach Sleeping
Warranty & Support
  • Three different firmness models to choose from
  • Constructed with high quality materials
  • Adjustable comfort level with Comfort Plus kit
  • 15 year warranty
  • 120 night trial period
  • Full money back guarantee
  • Easy ordering
  • Off gassing is minimal to non-existent
  • Heat retention eliminated
  • Motion transfer eliminated
  • Not available in stores
  • If you are a light sleeper this might not meet your expectations.

The Novosbed has been in the bed in a box market since it was introduced in 2009.  This bed has been around a lot longer than most ship to order mattresses available today. There are distribution centers in both the United States and Canada. No matter where you are you’ll have your mattress delivered quickly to your doorstep. The Novosbed manufacturers are environmentally responsible and all around good corporate citizens. They have designed and created an eco-friendly mattress that does use harmful materials or chemicals in the construction process.  This is friendly for the environment and healthy for your family too.

The Novosbed offers exceptional support and unmatched comfort in its three layers of high-quality materials.  The ultra-dense memory foam and support foam allow the Novosbed to deliver on its promises.  This medium firmness mattress was crafted with the majority of sleepers in mind and should meet the needs of most people.

The makers of the Novosbed want the purchasing process to be simple to provide a hassle-free buying experience from the beginning to the end.  To buy the bed all you have to do is start by visiting their website, select the size of the mattress that you want, provide your pertinent information and they will deliver it to you.  You do not have to shop in-store where salespeople often use high-pressure tactics.  Eliminating the store means eliminating overhead reducing the overall cost of the mattress.  The downside to online purchasing is that you can’t try it before you buy it.  It’s hard to be certain if it is the right mattress for you.  We have created this buyer’s guide in an attempt to make it easier for you to decide if the Novosbed is a good fit for you.  In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision to buy or move in a different direction.

Mattress Layers

This mattress measures in at an impressive thickness of 11 inches. It has three layers of foam:   Airflow memory foam, memory foam, and support foam. The mattress has been made available in soft, medium and firm.

The Top Layer

The highly breathable top layer of the Novosbed mattress is two inches of Airflow memory foam. Heat retention is eliminated in this layer because the Airflow memory foam absorbs body heat and dissipates it out of the mattress keeping the mattress cool. This material is also responsive as it eliminates pressure points between the body and the mattress.  You’ll wake up refreshed without the pain produced by pressure while sleeping on traditional innerspring mattresses.  The very large aeration holes in this foam enhance the airflow and breathability to stop the heat retention cycle before it starts.

The Middle Layer

The middle layer of the Novosbed mattress is responsible for providing additional pressure relief and firmer support. It is also a full 2 inches of an ultra-dense memory foam. Placing the dense foam in the center of the mattress improves the responsiveness of the mattress and provides a balanced and deep compression support.

The Bottom Layer

The seven-inch foundation layer of the Novosbed mattress is support foam. This foam serves to supports the top two layers so you can enjoy the comfort and the support the top two layers are designed to deliver.

The Cover

The three layers of the Novosbed mattress are held together in a high-quality cover. The cover is a blend of polyester, silica, modacrylic, and lyocell making it extremely soft, thin and breathable. These materials also combine to construct a stretchy cover that bounces back to its original shape immediately after being pulled.  When you hold the highly breathable foam together with a highly breathable cover the mattress is afforded the ability to dissipate heat that is absorbed from the top.  The cover sports a very attractive look. It has two tones of gray and white combining for a smooth and sleek finish.  You’ll notice an embroidered flower design on the top layer, which gives the cover a modern look.

There is a blue zipper running along the perimeter of the cover which a nice touch of style. The zipper also allows you to easily remove the top of the cover, which is machine washable so you can freshen your mattress up at any time.


One of the reasons this bed has lasted on the market so long is that it can appeal to the majority of sleepers with its three different firmness options.  Firmness is really subjective, but if we were to rate it on a 10 point scale, the Novosbed mattress at its softest is a 3.5 and at its firmest is a 7.5.  The medium scores a 5.5.  Having the opportunity to choose between three firmness levels ensures there is an option that best suits your needs.


We found this bed to be mildly uncomfortable for the first few nights.  But this bed is designed to meet the needs of every comfort level no matter your sleeping position. This is evident because the manufacturers offer three different firmness options. However, after it was broken in, it was extremely comfortable. You don’t have that feeling that you being sucked into the mattress like some other foam beds out there.

The Comfort Plus kit that Novosbed offers makes this a unique choice because it allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattress and really customize the comfort level of your mattress. If you feel that the mattress is just outside of your comfort range, all you have to do is call the manufacturer to let them know.  They will send the Comfort Plus kit so you can adjust the mattress to your comfort level.  Who does that?!

You’ll never be bothered by your sleeping partner again with the Novosbed mattress because this mattress prevents motion transfer.  Your partner can toss and turn (although not likely because they’re sure to be just as comfortable as you are) or get in and out of bed and you won’t feel a thing.  This really adds to the comfort the Novosbed can deliver.

Pain Relief and Support

After sleeping on the Novosbed mattress you will not wake up with the pain associated with pressure build up your experience on the innerspring mattresses.  This bed provides a level of support that is unmatched.  There’s no more tossing and turning throughout the night because you’re spine remains in proper alignment and there’s no more pressure build up no matter your sleeping position. The foam is high-quality and your whole body is properly supported throughout the night. While the memory foam contours to your body, you are not left feeling stuck or sunk inside of the mattress.

Heat Retention

The Novosbed mattress has thousands of airflow channels throughout the top layer of the mattress which almost completely eliminates heat retention.  These channels allow the heat to flow out of the mattress, not get trapped inside of the mattress.  As the heat is released through the airflow channels cooler air is also collected through them and distributed through the mattress keeping you comfortable all night long.

Off Gassing

Off-gassing is an unpleasant odor caused by the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process of the foam.  The chemicals can release an odor when the mattress is unpacked.  With the Novosbed mattress, there was no unpleasant odor at all when it was opened.  This bed is made of eco-friendly materials and it is Certi-PUR Certified.  This certification assures you that it is not made with harmful chemicals that cause the off-gassing odor.

As with anything large and new, if you do notice an odor when you set up your Novosbed mattress, you can open up a window and the odor will dissipate out of the mattress and the room within a very short period of time.


Innerspring mattresses can often offer a less strenuous experience during intimate activities.  The inherent properties of foam can often make these activities more difficult on a foam mattress. Foam absorbs motion and prevents recoil and bounce back. This can mean you need to exert more effort to move about. The Novosbed mattress offers minimum motion transfer, yet it doesn’t seem to impact intimate activities. You should be able to enjoy intimate activities without the need to exert much additional effort.

Sleeping Position Ratings

Various levels of support are offered and required for each sleeping position no matter which mattress you end up with.  You obviously cannot try the Novosbed mattress before it’s delivered to you so it can be quite hard to know if it will offer you the support and comfort that you expect for your specific sleep position.


If you’re a back sleeper you’ll notice that your weight will be evenly distributed throughout the mattress. We also noted that there was very little sinkage; only about 1.5 inches at the deepest.  The Novosbed offers individualized support for people who prefer the back sleeping position. You’ll no doubt find this an exceptionally comfortable sleeping surface.


Because there is minimal sinkage into the mattress Stomach sleepers will also find sleeping on the Novosbed mattress to be quite comfortable. You don’t get that feeling of being sucked into or trapped inside of this mattress.  Your spine will remain properly supported while sleeping on the stomach and you should also experience a reduction of pain if you’re switching from an innerspring mattress.


You might feel a little more like you’re sinking into this mattress if you are lying on your side.  We noticed more sinkage when lying on the side than on the back.  There seems to be about 2 inches of sinkage; maybe a little more if you’re heavier.  This is because more of your weight is concentrated to a smaller surface area when you are sleeping on your side. Despite the additional sinkage into the foam, the Novosbed mattress still offers side sleepers excellent support and comfort.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The best bed frame to use with this mattress is a solid foundation or one with slats evenly spaced at no more than three inches apart. You could use this mattress with any bed frame, technically, but with the solid foundation or slats, the base foam will not have the opportunity to sink or warp.  This will ensure you’ll be giving your mattress the proper support it needs so that you can thoroughly enjoy the support and comfort that it is intended to provide.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

Warranty: Most mattresses offer a 10 year warranty but this mattress has a 15-year limited warranty.  All manufacturing defects in the mattress within 15 years from the date of the purchase will either repair or the mattress will be replaced, at no cost to you.

Guarantee: A full money back guarantee comes with this purchase

Trial Period: You’ll have 120 nights to sleep on this bed. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the mattress within the 120 night trial period, you can contact the company for a full refund. They will arrange to pick up the mattress they will donate it to a charity, at absolutely no cost to you.  This also ensures you’re not getting someone else’s already-slept-on returned mattress!


In our opinion, the Novosbed is an all-around, excellent mattress. It is designed to be a great fit for just about every type of sleeper. It starts out a little on the firm side at first, but it breaks in shortly after being used and becomes much more comfortable within just a few days. The minimal heat retention and minimal motion transfer is impressive. We are also happy with the level of comfort and support that it provided.  This mattress is unique in that there are three different firmness options available, and don’t forget this also comes with the Comfort Plus kit option, allowing you to adjust the comfort.  This is a great purchase at an exception price!

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The Novosbed mattress is a great choice and we were definitely be impressed by the quality of sleep it provided!

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