Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review

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The Eight mattress uses smart technology, which makes it stand out from the rest of the mattress brands. It is made up of 4 layers of high-quality foam. These features allow users to experience enough comfort and support, enjoy a cool sleeping surface, and customize the mattress to meet their needs. This mattress is exclusively sold online. When you purchase the product, it will be directly shipped from the manufacturer to your home. Purchasing is very easy as well. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the mattress, they will give your money back in full, as long as it is still within the 100-day trial period. If you are in search of a mattress that has average firmness, has a high bounce-back rate, offers a cool sleeping surface, and uses smart technology, then choose the Eight Sleep pod mattress.

Pain Relief
Edge Support
Off Gassing
Back Sleeping
Side Sleeping
Stomach Sleeping
Warranty & Support
  • Has built-in smart technology that links to your mobile device, thus allowing you to track your sleep pattern, set an alarm, or utilize white noise
  • Has adjustable control
  • Has minimal heat retention
  • Is made up of 4 layers of high-quality foam
  • Offers a warranty of 10 years
  • Offers a 100-night trial period
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Convenient ordering process
  • A few users claimed that they have not benefited the technology; instead, it bothers them
  • Cannot check the mattress tangibly
  • May not be suitable for sleepers with more than average weight (it does not meet their needs in terms of comfort and support)
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The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress is among the newest innovations in the mattress industry. Just like other factory-direct mattresses, this product is totally made up of foam; as a matter of fact, it is composed of 4 distinct layers of foam. What makes the Eight mattresses stand out from the rest of manufacturer-direct mattresses is their “smart” built-in technology. This feature enables you to keep track of your sleep pattern using your smartphone. All you need to do is to download the specialized Eight mattress app on your mobile device. Then, you can now track your sleep pattern with just a swipe of your phone. This is indeed one of the best state-of-the-art mattresses that we have assessed. Moreover, the Eight mattresses have also a built-in smart alarm, which is also linked to your phone. You can just set the alarm at your most desired time to wake up.

Another interesting feature that sets the Eight sleep pod mattress apart from others is its built-in bed warming technology. This mattress has a temperature controller built-in on each side, which makes it easy for you and your partner to adjust the mattress’ temperature according to your preference. These interesting features enable you to modify the mattress according to your specific needs.

Another Eight Sleep in-depth Review

Eight Sleep Pod Layers

The Eight mattress is made up of 4 distinct layers of good-quality foam: 2-inch reactive polyfoam, 2-inch memory foam, 2-inch transition foam, and 4-inch high- density support foam. When all these foam layers are combined, the mattress will have a total thickness of 10 inches. All the layers provide sleepers with enough comfort and support throughout the night.

The First Layer: The topmost layer of the Eight mattress is made up of 2-inch reactive polyfoam. This foam provides comfort and offers a cool sleeping surface for sleepers. The memory foam quickly adjusts to the weight and contour of your body. In addition, memory foam is not too soft like other types of foam; therefore, it prevents you to have that feeling of being trapped in the mattress. The polyfoam has a density of 3lbs/cu.ft.

The Second Layer: The next layer of the Eight sleep pod mattress is composed of 2-inch memory foam. This layer balances the responsiveness of the first layer. It adjusts to the body’s contour and gives a comfortable hug, preventing you to feel as if you’re stuck in the mattress. The density of this second layer is 4lbs/cu.ft.

The Third Layer: The third layer of the Eight mattress is made up of 2-inch transition foam. This is designed to provide support for the sleepers. It also serves as a transitional layer for the above comfort foam layers and the firmer foundation foam layer. The transition foam has a density of 1.8lbs/cu.ft.

The Final Layer: The bottom layer of the 8 sleep pod mattress is composed of 4-inch high-density support foam. This serves as the foundation of the mattress and offers deep compression support. The high-density support foam is the one that maintains the mattress’ shape and integrity. It has a density of 1.8lbs/cu.ft.

Eight Sleep Mattress Cover:

The cover holds together the 4 layers of the 8 sleep pod mattress. The cover’s design is a bit simple and direct; however, it is an important part of the mattress. This is made up of 100% polyester and is very breathable, thus minimizing the heat retention of the mattress. It is flexible since it quickly snaps back to its original shape when pulled. The cover of this mattress is designed to be thin so that it can provide accurate results as you track your sleep pattern.


The firmness of a mattress is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest. We gave the Eight mattress a rating of 6. So, this means that the mattress has average firmness. Many sleepers will find the mattress enjoyable no matter what their sleeping position is. This is also suitable for sleepers of all sizes. It gives sleepers a balanced feeling since it only indents slightly and it also gives the body a comfortable hug, without having the feeling of being stuck in the mattress. As a whole, the level of firmness of this mattress is just enough to provide support to sleepers.


We have also observed that the Eight sleep pod mattress provides enough comfort. It has minimal indentation and it adjusts to the body’s contour. It won’t let sleepers feel that they are stuck in the mattress. When responsive foam, memory foam, and transition foam are all combined, they provide a high level of comfort.

We were also amazed to know that the mattress has minimal motion transfer. When the mattress was moved, we had not felt any movement. If you want to have uninterrupted sleep each night, then choose the Eight mattress.

Pain Relief and Support

The Eight mattress does a good job when it comes to supporting and pain relief. Sleepers with light, average, and heavyweight experience enough level of support when using the Eight mattress. The foam adjusts to the body’s contour. It has also a high bounce-back rate; therefore, you won’t experience too much sinkage. Because the mattress has the capacity to support the body properly, it can minimize pressure points, thus reducing body pain.

Heat Retention

The common concern of customers when purchasing all-foam mattresses is heat retention. Foam mattresses are usually known to retain body heat, which can make sleepers uncomfortable. The creators of the Eight mattress are particular about heat retention. That’s why they designed the top layer to just give the body a comfortable hug, enough not to cause heat buildup around the body. In addition, the thin and breathable cover also minimizes heat retention. Thus, the Eight mattress really provides customers with a cool sleeping surface, allowing them to have restful sleep each night.

Off- Gassing

Off-gassing is another common problem that is usually encountered by customers who buy all-foam mattresses. When the foam emits an undesirable odor, this is referred to as off-gassing. Usually, manufacturers use noxious chemicals during foam production and these chemicals are the main cause of off-gassing. However, for the Eight mattress, the severity of off-gassing is minimal. We noticed a slight odor upon opening the mattress packaging. We just left the mattress in an open space and the smell just dissipates after a few hours.


The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress is also a good product to use when engaging in intimate activities. Unlike other foam mattress brands, it contains foam that is responsive. The mattress has the capacity to easily bounce back; that is why it is conducive to use when doing intimate acts. Just like traditional innerspring mattresses, you don’t have to exert extra effort as you would when using other brands of foam mattresses.

Sleeping Position Scores

It is also our goal to give you an idea of how the Eight mattress works in different sleeping positions. Various sleeping positions need different levels of body support, so it is essential to use a mattress that can easily adjust to the weight and contour of the body so that it can provide the right level of support, thus relieving pain and keeping the sleeper comfortable.

In the following, we will provide you details of the level of comfort and support that the Eight mattress can provide to back-side, and stomach sleepers:

The Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will be satisfied with the Eight mattresses’ firmness, which is slightly above average. Its softness is enough to conform to the body’s contour and provide comfort. However, it is not too firm to cause pressure buildup. As a whole, we have observed that the Eight mattress provides enough support and comfort for back sleepers.

Back sleeping rating: 9/10

The Stomach Sleepers

Those people who are used to sleeping on their stomachs will also love the Eight mattress. Then again, the average firmness of the mattress makes stomach sleepers comfortable. The firmness of the mattress is just enough to avoid pressure buildup. The mattress also will not let sleepers feel that they are trapped in the mattress, but it won’t also let them feel that they’re sleeping on a board.

Stomach sleeping rating: 8.75/10

The Side Sleepers

The Eight mattress offers enough comfort for side sleepers. It won’t cause pressure buildup on the spine, which is a common problem encountered by side sleepers. Therefore, side sleepers will enjoy sleeping on this mattress. This will give them enough comfort and allow them to have restful sleep each night.

Side sleeping rating: 9/10

Bed Foundation

In order to experience the maximum comfort and support that the Eight mattress provides, it is best to use either a solid foundation or a slatted bed foundation. If you prefer to use a slatted bed frame, make sure that the slats are not widely spaced, as this can increase the indentation level of the mattress, thereby reducing the level of support and comfort that this can provide to sleepers. Ensure that the space between the slats is not more than 3 inches. Make sure also that the slats are made up of durable materials so that they will not easily bend or sag. It would be best if you use the floor or a platform bed as a foundation.

Trial Period, Warranty, and Guarantee

  • Warranty:  The company offers a warranty of 10 years. If you encounter any factory defects within the warranty period, the company will replace the mattress.
  • Guarantee: The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Trial Period: The company offers a trial period of 100 nights. Whatever your reason, if you are not content with the mattress, you can contact the company and they will send representatives to pick up the mattress in your home for free. They will also give your money back in full.


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