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Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Mattress Review - Independent, honest and unbiased

We tested and reviews the mattress for people of all sleep positions to help you determine if it is the right fit for you. This in-depth assessment shows the key elements of a mattress (firmness, comfort, pain relief & support, heat retention, off gassing and intimacy) that impact its overall quality. The mattress scored 9 out of 10. We recommend it.

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  • Sleeps cool
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  • Comfortable in all sleep positions
  • Slight off gassing odor
  • Returns and trial period offered through Amazon

Swiss Ortho Sleep is one of the newest additions to the bed in a box mattress movement. This company set out on a mission to create the highest quality mattress that sleeps cool, is supportive, and delivers a comfortable sleeping surface no matter your sleeping positions for all body types.  Swiss Ortho Sleep has teamed up with the most trusted online retailer, Amazon, to deliver their mattresses to consumers.

This high quality, Gel Memory Foam mattress from Swiss Ortho Sleep is an impressive three-layer, 13-inch thick mattress.  It has a memory foam layer that has been infused with cooling gel, a layer of high-density foam, and a layer of comfort foam. The materials in this mattress work in concert with one another to provide an outstanding sleeping surface.  You’ll find that this bed provides pressure point relief and deep compression support reducing pain caused by poor sleeping conditions. The spine maintains proper alignment throughout the night and you remain cool and comfortable in all sleeping positions. Swiss Ortho Sleep crafted the Gel Memory Foam mattress to meet the needs of the majority of sleepers.  This bed delivers an exceptionally comfortable, restful and restorative night of sleep.

The Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress is only available to purchase online.  This bed in a box sales model makes mattresses affordable by reducing overhead costs that are present when buying in a retail store. Some people are uncomfortable with the high-pressure sales tactics some stores employ so this also helps to alleviate those encounters found in retail stores. Of course, this does mean that you can’t try the mattress out before you buy it. This can make it difficult to determine whether or not this mattress will suit your needs.  We have tested out this mattress and created this unbiased and in-depth review of this mattress to help you figure out if it is the best option for you.

The Competition

The Loom and Leaf mattress would be considered fair competition to the Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress. Both are made exclusively of foam materials and both have a memory foam layer that has been infused with cooling gel. The notable difference between the two is that the Loom and Leaf mattress has four separate layers and the Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress has three layers. Another notable difference is that the Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress is 13 inches thick, while Loom and Leaf are 12 inches thick.

Another fair competitor is the Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel mattress from Dream Foam. Both mattresses are made of three separate layers, one of which is the layer infused with cooling gel. The notable difference between the two is that Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress is 13 inches thick and the Dream Foam Arctic Dreams mattress measures in at 10 inches thick.

Mattress Layers

The Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress from Swiss Ortho Sleep is constructed of three separate layers of high-quality foam materials.  The top layer has an infusion of cooling gel, the second layer is a heavy, high-density foam, and the foundation layer is made of comfort foam. These layers combine together to create a mattress that is a total of 13 inches thick.

Let’s take a detailed look at the construction of this mattress…

The Top Layer

The two-inch thick top layer of the Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress is memory foam infused with cooling gel.  This is the layer of the mattress that is responsible for creating a soft surface that provides pressure point relief. This is also the layer that stops the heat retention cycle and helps to keep the sleeping surface cool all night long. The gel memory foam is highly responsive conforming to the unique shape of your body, contouring you, and reducing the strain that is placed on the body while sleeping.  Reducing strain provides pressure point relief.  Pressure point relief reduces pain one experiences from poor sleeping conditions.  The key areas that are often afflicted with pain from poor sleeping conditions are the neck, the shoulders, and the back.  The cooling gel infusion into the memory foam pulls body heat away from the sleeper and absorbs it to keep the surface of the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The Middle Layer

In the middle layer is also two inches thick.  It is made of heavy, high-density foam. This is the layer of the mattress that is responsible for providing exceptional compression support. The high-density foam maintains proper spinal alignment while offering that deep compression support no matter the sleep position. It evenly distributes weight throughout the mattress making for a restorative sleep delivering less pain and more comfort.  The middle layer is also a transitional layer so the body and the bed can adjust from the soft, top layer of memory foam above it to the foundation layer of comfort foam below it.

The Bottom Layer

On the bottom of the Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress is a full 9 inches of comfort foam. This layer serves as the foundation for the mattress, supporting the middle and top layers and retaining the mattress’ shape. It too provides deep compression support and pressure point relief, further improving the comfort that the mattress delivers.

The three layers of the Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress are encased by a cover that is made of a polyester, cotton, and bamboo blend. The cotton and the bamboo serve to provide breathability for the mattress, stopping the heat retention cycle.  They both also help to keep the surface cool throughout the night. The polyester, cotton, and bamboo blend make this cover exceptionally durable. When pulled on, the cover quickly returned to its original position without delay and without issue. You’ll also find that this cover features a zipper so it is very easy to remove and put back on. It is machine washable so you can toss it into the washing machine when you need to clean it.


Firmness is really subjective, but if we could put it on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, this mattress would get a score of 5.5.  This is truly a medium firm and neutral mattress.  It will surely meet the firmness needs of the majority of sleepers.


The Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress from Swiss Ortho Sleep is very, very comfortable. The top layer of memory foam quickly responds to the body, contouring to your exact shape but it wasn’t an overbearing sinking trapped feeling.  The high-density foam creates a comfortable sense of pushback for the mattress.  The pushback prevented that sinking or trapped feeling that many consumers report being unpleasant with traditional memory foam. Upping the comfort factor is the super soft foam on the bottom of the mattress.

If you have a sleeping partner, you’ll appreciate limited motion transfer you experience with the foam materials incorporated into the Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress. You will not be disturbed by your partner’s movements or motion that is created while entering and exiting the bed.  This also increased the comfort of the mattress.

Pain Relief and Support

The Swiss Ortho mattress also offers whole body support and deep compression support. The memory foam conforms to the unique contours of your body.  The exact contouring reduces pressure point build-up, reduces strain, and can sometimes completely eliminate pain associated with poor sleeping surfaces. The deep compression support is delivered in the high-density layer.  This support keeps the spine in proper alignment all night long further reducing pain caused by pressure building up while you’re sleeping. The mattress eliminates pressure points by evenly distributes your weight throughout the mattress.

Heat Retention

Foam mattresses are notorious for creating a cycle of overheating while you sleep.  This can lead to night time waking and general discomfort.  The properties inherent to foam trap body heat, which heats up the surface of the mattress, which increases your body heat, which leads to overheating. When this cycle is allowed to happen, you might wake up in a pool of sweat that has forever soaked into your foam and surely leads to an uncomfortable night of sleep. With the highly breathable construction of the cover and the introduction of cooling gel into the top layer of memory foam the body heat gets absorbed and filtered out of the mattress keeping the Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress, and you, consistently cool throughout the night.  The cycle of overheating is effectively eliminated before it starts. We experienced no heat retention while sleeping and remained cool and comfortable.

Off Gassing

Often you’ll hear complaints of a chemical odor coming from new foam mattresses.  Certain chemicals that are used in the construction of the foam often emit and unpleasant odor when unpacked and introduced to the new environment. As a result, foam mattresses can have a smell when they are new, and the term off-gassing is used to describe the initial expulsion of the scent. We did notice a slight odor when we first opened the Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress.  We simply set the mattress up and placed it in a well-ventilated room with the windows opened and the smell dissipated in just a few hours. If you notice the same off-gassing odor, you should do the same.


Limiting motion transfer also means exerting more energy during intimate activities.  The Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress from Ortho Sleep does a great job of limiting motion transfer which does mean that there is limited bounce.  You will probably find that you will have to put in a little extra effort when it comes to intimate activities.

Sleeping Position Ratings

We also rated the comfort and support that this mattress delivered in all of the sleeping positions. Here’s what we found…


Back sleepers should find this mattress quite comfortable.  The mattress’ ability to deliver deep compression support, pressure point relief and even weight distribution make this a wonderful option for back sleepers.


The even distribution of body weight makes this mattress very comfortable for the majority of stomach sleepers.  They should find this mattress prevents the buildup of pressure on the lower back.


Innerspring mattresses tend to generate unnecessary pressure points for side sleepers.  This mattress maintains proper spinal alignment and provides deep compression support, which makes side sleeping comfortable.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress is designed to be used with all bed frames. This makes it highly versatile because you don’t have to go out and buy new furniture to fit your new mattress.  Provided the frame is the suitable for the size of the bed, you won’t have any compatibility issues with your existing frame.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

Warranty: Amazon offers a 30 day return policy

Trial Period: 30 day return policy,


The Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Memory Foam mattress is comprised of three layers of high-quality foam materials, making an impressive 13 inches thick mattress. The infusion of gel into the top layer of memory foam and the bamboo blended cover help to keep this mattress breathable and cool. The layers of foam construction provide deep compression support and pressure point relief exactly where you need it, making it comfortable for the majority of sleepers in all sleep positions.

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