Lull Mattress Review [2022] (Updated)

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Independent and unbiased lull mattress review

The Lull mattress provides outstanding support and comfort to the customers. It has extraordinary cooling attributes mainly because it is built to regulate heat. It performs this a lot better than any mattress we tested. The mattress adequately aligns the spine, offers pressure point relief and supplies comfy sleeping experience.

Pain Relief
Edge Support
Off Gassing
Back Sleeping
Side Sleeping
Stomach Sleeping
Warranty & Support
  • Three advanced layers of high quality foam
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Gel infused memory foam
  • 100 night trial period
  • Money back guarantee
  • Proper spinal alignment
  • Supportive and comfortable for all sleep positions
  • Easy ordering and delivery
  • Works with all bed foundations
  • Slight off gassing odor
  • Unable to try it in a store before you buy it

This is our honest, independent, and unbiased lull mattress review. The bed-in-a-box industry offers so many mattresses to choose from. The lull mattress is designed by a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience.  It is manufactured based on science and with the average sleeper in mind so this should appeal to most people in the market for a foam mattress. For this lull bed review, we analyzed the mattress for comfort, firmness, support, heat retention, off-gassing, and warranty.

For a restful and restorative night of sleep, improved comfort, and exceptional support the Lull mattress has three layers of foam that combine to form a sleeping surface that offers advanced sleep technology.  This mattress is made with high-quality gel-infused memory foam, conventional foam, and dense support foam.  This mattress offers superior support and minimal heat retention keeping you cool and extremely comfortable all throughout the night.  A common complaint about foam mattress owners is that of heat retention. The Lull mattress does an incredible job at regulating temperature to the tune of up to 350 percent better.  This bed is also 7 times more durable than conventional foam mattresses.

In addition to offering great support and temperature regulation, the Lull mattress is compatible with all bed frames. This mattress is truly versatile, you will not have to purchase new furniture or adjust your current base to accommodate this mattress.

We have put together this buyer’s guide so you can familiarize yourself with the unique features of this mattress.  In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Lull mattress to determine if it is the right for you.

Mattress Layers

The Lull mattress is made only from three layers of high-quality foam. These three separate layers of high-quality foam include gel-infused memory foam, support foam, and dense support foam.  These layers combined to construct a 10-inch thick mattress that offers complete body support and comfort in all sleeping positions.

The First Layer

The first layer of the Lull memory foam mattress is 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam.  This layer is responsible for providing cooling power and contouring comfort.  Your body is cradled and there is no pressure build-up causing pain that innerspring mattresses can cause. The infusion of cooling gel into this layer helps to regulate nighttime body temperature and absorbs heat to keep the mattress at an even temperature while you’re sleeping.

The Middle Layer

The middle layer of the lull bed mattress is 1.5 inches of conventional foam.  In this transitional layer of the mattress, the body is supported on the top and the bed is supported on the bottom.  This is responsible for distributing weight evenly throughout the mattress and providing proper spinal alignment. The middle layer of foam works in conjunction with the top layer and the bottom layer to offer deep compression support for sleepers of all sizes.

The Bottom Layer

The foundation layer of the Lull mattress is 7 inches of support foam. This strong and stable layer is responsible for providing additional support for the middle and top layers. It further supports the body and retains the shape of the mattress for years to come.

The Cover

The three layers of the mattress are surrounded by a cover that isn’t technically considered a layer, but important to discuss all the same.  The cover secures all of the layers of the mattress and provides additional softness and comfort. The cover of the Lull mattress is made of a blend of polyester and rayon.  These materials combined give it a soft feel and ensure the breathability of the mattress also reducing heat retention.

This cover is both lightweight and durable.  The elasticity of this cover is impressive. It bounces back to its original position quickly and with ease after being pulled and stretched. We also liked that the cover can be easily removed for quick spot cleaning.  The cover’s stylish design has a two-tone color with a white top and gray side panels separated by a navy blue piece of fabric.  The cover gives the Lull mattress an appealing clean and modern look.


Firmness is really subjective, but if we could put it on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, this mattress would get a score of 6.5.  This is truly a medium firm and neutral mattress.  It will surely meet the firmness needs of the majority of sleepers.


The Lull mattress is one of the most comfortable we have ever reviewed. The foam layers contour to your individual body shape adding to the comfort this mattress delivers.  You’ll notice when you first lie on the mattress a cradling of your body into the top layer of gel-infused memory foam.  You’ll feel your body weight evenly distribute as the middle and foundation layers provide the support that your body needs.  There is a minimal amount of motion transfer, which is quite impactful to the comfort level of mattresses for couples.  The top two layers of foam absorb the majority of motion that is experienced throughout the night, which means that if

Pain Relief and Support

The Lull mattress eliminates the pain associated with pressure buildup.  The foam provides pressure point relief in innerspring mattresses actually produce.  The top layer of gel-infused memory foam is the first line of defense against pressure by properly aligning your spine. Any pressure that would normally be placed on the spine while sleeping is effectively eliminated in this bed. As a result, pressure does not build up and you will wake up and feel a marked reduction in pain.

The Lull mattress is slightly higher than the middle of the firmness scale so it is supportive while not being too firm, and it also resists the warping some if the softer foams experience. You are assured to have the support and alignment that your body needs while sleeping.

Heat Retention

Foam mattresses are notorious for creating a cycle of overheating while you sleep.  This can lead to nighttime waking and general discomfort.  The properties were inherent to foam trap body heat, which heats up the surface of the mattress, which increases your body heat, which leads to overheating. When this cycle is allowed to happen, you might wake up in a pool of sweat that has forever soaked into your foam and surely leads to an uncomfortable night of sleep. With the highly breathable construction of the cover and the introduction of cooling gel into the top layer of memory foam, the body heat gets absorbed and filtered out of the mattress keeping the Lull mattress, and you, consistently cool throughout the night.  The cycle of overheating is effectively eliminated before it starts. We experienced no heat retention while sleeping and remained cool and comfortable.

Off Gassing

Often you’ll hear complaints of a chemical odor coming from new foam mattresses.  Certain chemicals that are used in the construction of the foam often emit an unpleasant odor when unpacked and introduced to the new environment. As a result, foam mattresses can have a smell when they are new, and the term off-gassing is used to describe the initial expulsion of the scent. We did notice that slight off-gassing odor when we first opened the Lull mattress.  We simply set the mattress up and placed it in a well-ventilated room with the windows opened and the smell dissipated in just a few hours. If you notice the same off-gassing odor, you should do the same, but this should certainly not deter you from keeping the mattress as it does dissipate very quickly.


The Lull mattress scores are high for intimacy. When comparing foam mattresses, most are completely unresponsive to intimate activities. The inherent properties of foam generally prevent motion transfer.  They aren’t going to be great at offering any recoil or bounce back which can often translate into increased efforts to be exerted when engaging in intimate activities.  The Lull mattress is different because it is manufactured slightly firmer than average.  Unlike many of the other foam mattresses, the Lull mattress offers a reasonable level of bounce improving intimate activities and helping to improve the overall comfort of the mattress.

Sleeping Position Ratings

People don’t always sleep in the same position all night long.  You will most likely experience a different level of comfort in each position you sleep in.  The position can impact the overall comfort that a mattress can provide.  We wanted to assess the level of comfort and support that the Lull mattress provides in all sleep positions.  Often times, different levels of support are needed for back, stomach, and side sleepers.


If you’re a back sleeper, you will really enjoy the level of comfort and support that the Lull mattress provides.  This mattress rates slightly over the average firmness helping you to maintain proper support for your spine. You’ll also notice a reduced buildup of pressure and even weight distribution to improve the overall support and comfort provided when sleeping on the back.


Stomach sleepers usually find it most difficult to sleep on foam mattresses.  Foam mattresses are often too soft, which makes stomach sleepers feel like they are sinking too far into the mattress.  They report feeling engulfed or trapped by the foam. This has not been the case with the Lull mattress.  The firmness level is ideal for stomach sleepers. It contours to the whole body and does not make you feel like you are sinking into the mattress. It also supports the spine while sleeping on the mattress.  Sometimes stomach sleepers feel bent at the small of the spine on soft foam, but this mattress supports your whole spine in the stomach sleeping position.  Stomach sleepers report and enhanced overall comfort and the quality of sleep on the Lull mattress.


Side sleepers were equally impressed with the comfort and support the Lull mattress delivers.  This mattress has excellent edge support keeping a shape and preventing sinkage at the edges.  This is generally a problem for side sleepers because they tend to hug the edge of a mattress.  If you sleep on your side, you will probably notice that the Lull mattress contours to the body and supports you exactly where you need it.  It offers deep compression support for the body and keeps the spine in proper alignment and reduces or completely prevents pressure buildup that causes pain. This will surely improve the overall quality of sleep you will get if you sleep on your side.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Lull mattress is unique in that this mattress is compatible with every type of bed frame.  Other foam mattresses recommend or require a solid or slatted foundation, with slats that are no more than three inches apart and are constructed of durable wood.  The Lull mattress can be used with all types of foundations including adjustable foundations.

Whether you use it on a slatted foundation, a platform, a floor, a box spring, or an adjustable base, you will experience the same level of support and comfort with the Lull mattress.  This feature is quite impressive because you don’t have to alter your current setup to accommodate this bed.  You are not limited by the foundations you can use, which makes it incredibly versatile.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

The 10 year manufacturer’s warranty guarantees against manufacturing defects.

You will receive your full investment back, guaranteed, should you experience any issues that were a result of a manufacturing deficiency. This also protects against any other issues that are not associated with improper usage, you will receive a full refund, with no questions asked.

The Lull mattress offers a 100 night trial period. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the Lull mattress within the first 100 nights, you can contact the manufacturer and they will arrange to pick up the mattress. You will be issued a full refund and the company will pick up the mattress at a time that is convenient for you.


The Lull mattress is engineered to offer exceptional comfort and support to the majority of sleepers.  It has exceptional cooling properties because it was designed to regulate temperature.  It does this better than any other bed we tried.  The Lull mattress properly aligns the spine, provides pressure point relief, and provides an overall comfortable and restorative sleeping experience.

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Is This Mattress Right For You?

If you are looking for a mattress that offers a medium firmness, that stays cool, offers minimal motion transfer, reduces pain, and provides proper support, the Lull mattress is an excellent option for you. Overall, we were very impressed with the Lull mattress. We rate this mattress at 9 out of 10 stars.

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