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The Yogabed mattress is composed of 4 separate layers: The first two layers are designed to provide comfort and a little support and are beneficial in reducing the heat retention of the mattress. The two bottom layers are designed to provide support. The Yogabed mattress is certified by CertiPUR–US. So this means that the mattress does not contain noxious chemicals that are harmful to your health. Thus, you are assured that this mattress is safe and has minimal off-gassing. Moreover, the company shows great concern for humanity. For every 10 mattresses that are sold, they will give away 1 mattress to a charity. If you’re in search of a mattress that has minimal heat retention, has average firmness, and offers a high level of comfort, consider the Yogabed mattress. However, if you prefer a mattress that does not indent too much especially if you lie down near the edge of the bed, this may not be suitable for you.

Pain Relief
Edge Support
Off Gassing
Back Sleeping
Side Sleeping
Stomach Sleeping
Warranty & Support
  • Does not contain noxious chemicals
  • Has a detachable and washable cover
  • Contains 4 layers of foam
  • Does not retain body heat
  • Does not give off an undesirable smell
  • Offers a 365-day trial period
  • Offers a warranty of 10 years
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy purchasing and shipment process
  • Less supportive than other mattresses that we have tested
  • Has some problems with edge support
  • Cannot assess the mattress tangibly
  • May not provide you with the pain relief that you expected
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The Yogabed mattress is made up of high-quality materials, each of the four layers of this mattress provides sleepers with support and comfort. The materials used in this mattress include the newly invented technologies by the manufacturer, the Yoga Instant Response foam and Yoga Gel. As this mattress is becoming popular, we decide to provide an independent, unbiased and honest yogabed mattress review.

This company offers factory-direct mattresses. This means that once you order a mattress from this company through an online transaction, they will directly ship the mattress to your doorstep. The absence of middlemen in the purchasing process reduces the overhead costs. This is the reason why online mattresses are more affordable than mattresses displayed in showrooms. In addition, you don’t also have to deal with the pressure that sales representatives can put on you when shopping in a showroom or store.

Since this mattress is intentionally created by manufacturers to minimize heat retention and promote spine alignment, several customers reported restful sleep each night. If the company’s product won’t satisfy you that much, you will still love them because of their care for humanity: For every ten mattresses that are sold, the company gives away one Yogabed mattress to a charity. That’s how amazing the company is.

So, the question now is, does the Yogabed mattress really do what it promises? We have assessed this mattress and we will give you the details of our assessment in the next sections.

Yogabed Mattress Layers

The Yogabed mattress is made up of 4 distinct layers of foam: 1-inch firm support foam, 6-inch high-density support foam, 2-inch Yoga Gel, and 1-inch Yoga Instant Response foam. When all these layers are combined, the mattress will have a total thickness of 10 inches. Each of these layers is comprehensively discussed in the following:

The First Layer

The top layer of the Yogabed mattress is made up of 1-inch Yoga Instant Response foam, a material that is only contained in this mattress. Basically, it is a kind of polyfoam that adjusts to the body’s contour and weight and adds softness to the mattress. The foam is as well so breathable, which makes air circulate throughout the mattress and keeps the mattress surface cool.

The Second Layer

Below the 1-inch Yoga Instant Response foam is a 2-inch Yoga Gel layer. This gel is another material that is unique to the Yogabed mattress. This visco-elastic memory foam gel efficiently relieves pressure, adjusts to the body’s contour, and provides a high level of support. This gel layer also keeps the mattress cool, since this draws out heat from the surface of the mattress. Thus, this gel is also essential to make sleepers comfortable.

The Third Layer

The third layer is made up of 5 inches of high-density support foam. This foam offers deep compression support for this mattress and serves as a strong base of support for the above layers. This foam ensures that the two layers above are well supported so that the two foam layers can provide a high level of comfort to the sleepers.

The Bottom Layer

The last layer of the Yogabed mattress is composed of 2-inch support foam. This foam provides added support to the first two layers and also acts as a base of support for the third layer. This layer supports the entire Yogabed mattress and maintains the shape of the mattress.

Other Yogabed Mattress Features

Yogabed Mattress Cover

Technically, the cover is not regarded as a layer of the mattress, but we consider this as one. The cover after all is the portion of the mattress that directly touches your skin, and this enables you to appreciate the comfort and support that the mattress’ layers provide.

The cover of the Yogabed mattress is amazing. The most notable feature of this cover is that it is removable. The cover can be unzipped halfway up the side, which allows you to easily remove it. Then, it is also machine washable. If you want to clean the cover, just throw it into the washing machine, and then dry it.

Moreover, we are also impressed by the cover’s texture. It has areas that are smooth and patterned, which makes its design attractive and unique. The design also adds up to the level of comfort that the mattress can provide. The mattress is certified by the CertiPUR–US, which means that this does not contain any of the following noxious chemicals:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Ozone depleters
  • Mercury, lead, or any other heavy metals
  • PBDE flame retardants

The volatile organic compound (VOC) content of this mattress is low, which is measured at less than .5 parts per million. Since the Yogabed mattress is certified by CertiPUR–US, you are assured that this mattress is safe for your health, not to mention the comfort that it provides.

Mattress Firmness

The firmness of the mattress is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest. As for the Yogabed mattress, we gave it a rating of 6. This means that the mattress has average firmness. Therefore, if you prefer a mattress that is too soft or too firm, this one might not be suitable for you.


When it comes to comfort, the Yogabed mattress has a lot to offer. This is a good choice for back and stomach sleepers since this has balance indentation and provides a comfortable hug. However, side sleepers may not enjoy this mattress. When lying on the side, the indentation is entirely different. We have observed that when there is more weight applied to a particular part of the mattress, it will indent too much, thus providing sleepers with a greater hug. The indentation of the mattress is about 2 inches.

Therefore, the response time of the foam layers is more than average. This means that the mattress will quickly respond to the weight of your body, giving you a comforting hug. Though the indentation is a bit deeper than usual, as a whole, this mattress just provides enough comfort for sleepers.

Pain Relief and Support

When it comes to supporting and pain relief, we have observed that the Yogabed mattress did not meet our expectations. It may not deliver the level of support and pain relief that most sleepers need. The maximum weight that the mattress can support is only 250 lbs. per side. Therefore, if you have more than average weight, you may not be satisfied with this mattress since it lacks the support that you need to maintain proper spine alignment. It won’t relieve pain and pressure points. As for the edge support, it can be observed that there’s a significant decline of the edge support when you lie down near the edge of the bed.

Since this mattress cannot equate to the level of support that other mattresses provide, you might experience body pain when you sleep on the Yogabed mattress. This is because it doesn’t provide enough deep compression support and lacks the capacity to promote spine alignment, thereby resulting in sore spots.

Heat Retention

We have noticed the surface of the Yogabed mattress is cool as we sleep on it. The mattress’ first layer and the cover are both breathable, and the second layer works by absorbing the heat that may accumulate on the mattress’s surface. We were amazed by the mattress’ minimal heat retention. It gives us a cool sleeping surface throughout the night.


As we have noticed, the Yogabed mattress has minimal off-gassing. Usually, foam mattresses give off an undesirable odor, and this is what we refer to as off-gassing. Off-gassing is a common concern of customers who purchase foam mattresses. The undesirable odor is caused by the chemicals that are used during the manufacturing process of the foam.

As mentioned earlier, the Yogabed mattress does not emit harmful gases because this does not contain noxious chemicals.  As a matter of fact, we didn’t notice any undesirable odor upon opening the packaging. As soon as the mattress expands to its maximum thickness, we are able to use it immediately and we were impressed by it. Since this mattress does not emit undesirable odor, you do not need to spend much time off-putting the odor. In addition, since this has minimal off-gassing, you are assured that the mattress is a safe surface to sleep on.


When it comes to mattresses, intimacy is also a concern. The foam used in the Yogabed mattress has low bounce-back rate; therefore, the motion transfer of this mattress is minimal, thus allowing sleepers to have uninterrupted sleep. However, the low bounce of the mattress is not good when engaging in intimate activities. Though you can still be intimate with your partner when using the Yogabed mattress, you just have to exert extra effort when doing intimate acts. Innerspring mattresses or foam mattresses that have high bounce-back rates are still good choices when it comes to intimacy.

Sleeping Position Ratings

We also aim to give you information about how the Yogabed mattress works in different sleeping positions. We will assess the level of comfort and support the Yogabed mattress can provide to back, stomach, and side sleepers. Please find below the details:

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will be satisfied with the level of comfort that the Yogabed mattress can provide. As we sleep on our backs, we have only observed a 1-inch indentation of the mattress. The Yogabed mattress conforms nicely to the body’s contour and it just gives us a comfortable hug, without making us feel that we’re trapped in the mattress. We also noticed that it provides us with the right level of support, as long as we were not lying near the edge of the bed.

Stomach Sleepers

Those people who are used to sleeping with their stomachs will also experience comfort when lying down on the Yogabed mattress. But for those who are mindful of the sinkage, this may not be a good option for them. The mattress indents too much so this may give them a feeling of being stuck in the mattress. However, for those who desire that comfortable hug, then this may satisfy them.

Side Sleepers

As we have found out, side sleepers may not be comfortable with this mattress. As mentioned above, the mattress sinks excessively when lying on the side. The more weight or pressure that is exerted on a certain part of the mattress, the more it will sink. This may pose a problem for side sleepers since the pressure normally accumulates in the middle part of their bodies. This means that the middle portion of their body is being submerged in the mattress while other parts are not. In short, side sleepers won’t enjoy the Yogabed mattress.

Yogabed Mattress Bed Frame

Similar to other foam mattresses, the Yogabed mattress works best when it is placed in a stable and solid bed frame. A solid bed foundation like a platform is best to use because it can provide excellent support for this mattress. But if you prefer to use a slatted bed frame, choose those frames that have narrow spaces in between the slats, that is, less than 3 inches apart. Ensure that the slats are made up of durable materials that will not easily bend. Otherwise, the mattress will not be well supported and the overall comfort that it can provide will be compromised. Ikea has cheap and durable bed frames. Luroy and Lonset are bed frames compatible with yoga mattresses. We strongly recommend reading our Luroy vs Lonset article.

Trial Period, Warranty, and Guarantee

  • Warranty: The company offers a warranty of 10 years.
  • Trial Period: The company offers a trial period of 365 nights, which is the longest among the mattresses that we have assessed.
  • Guarantee: The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whatever the reason, if you are not content with the mattress, just contact the company and they will give you your money back in full. Bear in mind that you must contact them within the 365-day trial period. The company will send representatives to your home to pick up the mattress.
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