Ikea Lonset vs Luroy – slatted bed base review

A slatted bed base is an essential component of any bedding system. When a mattress is paired with a slatted bed foundation, its performance is much better. Some mattresses come with a slatted bed foundation, while several others do not, which implies that you need to purchase it separately. IKEA offers 3 slatted bed foundations, which range from the basic to the most advanced. We compare their products in this article: Luroy vs Lonset, Leirsund vs Lonset. They offer bed foundations that have adjustable slats to improve the softness or firmness of the bed. You can even modify the head or foot part of the bed for enhanced comfort. Because a bed foundation is necessary for bedding, let us take a closer look at three Ikea slatted bed base reviews.

Luroy vs Lonset

Many customers bought the Lonset bed foundation to replace their Luroy base. Each of them reported that the Lonset is more durable, sturdy, and comfortable than Luroy. While Luroy has 17 slats of layer-glued birch, Lonrey comes with 30 slats. For both products, Ikea offers a limited warranty of 25 years, which includes factory defects. Any damages or defects caused by the negligence of the user will not be covered by the warranty. Thus, it is essential to carefully assemble the base since any parts that are damaged cannot be replaced by the company.

Both products are available in 4 sizes: twin, full, king, and queen size. For Lonset, the king size can be purchased at $100, full and queen size both at $80, and twin size at $50. For a slightly higher cost than Luroy, you can take advantage of the durability and quality of Lonset. This is certainly worth investing in. We recommend Lonset! You can read the comprehensive review below.

Leirsund vs Lonset

Leirsund is in fact a better product. However, it is slighlty more expensive. Leirsund comes with 39 slats of birch. On the other hand, Lonset has only 30 slats. Leirsund has 6 slats to adjust the firmness. If you have spring mattress, then you should go with Lonset as Leiursund is not suitable for spring mattresses. If you happen to have foam or latex, we recommend Leirsund.

Luroy Slatted Bed Base

This slatted bed base was created to be utilized on an IKEA bed frame. If you intend to utilize on a frame manufactured by another company, ensure to inspect the construction and fit of the frame.  The Luroy slatted bed foundation is composed of 17 slats that are made up of glued birch, which adapts to your body weight and provides enough support for the mattress.

The materials used in this bed foundation include pine veneer, eucalyptus veneer, polyester and polypropylene, beech veneer, birch veneer, and adhesive resin as coating. The product gained a rating of 3.4 on IKEA since customers complained about a particular issue.

The downside of this bed foundation is that the slats usually drop out of the frame and sag to the floor, causing the mattress to drop down and become uncomfortable. Some customers also complained of the creaky base, creating disturbing noise when pressure is applied. Although those serious complaints can discourage someone to purchase this product, there are also customers who were satisfied with this.

They reported that it is essential to consider the installation procedure to make the product functional. If the slatted bed foundation is not properly fitted on the frame, it will likely drop down or create a noise. Thus, those who complained about fallen slats have probably positioned the frame incorrectly, leading to poor bedding system performance. On the other hand, a few customers claimed that the Luroy bed foundation is too expensive since the quality is not worth its cost.

Apart from the negative reviews, the Luroy bed foundation has gained positive reviews as well. Some customers reported that it can be easily cleaned and maintained through the use of mild detergents and a piece of cloth. This bed foundation comes in 4 sizes: full, twin, queen, and king size. The king size costs $60, the queen size $50, the full size also $50, and the twin size $30. As usual, IKEA offers a limited warranty of 25 years for all their products; this covers all factory defects.

8Expert Score
Luroy Slatted Bed Base Review

  • inexpensive
  • Comes in a variety of different sizes
  • Can be conveniently maintained and assembled
  • Is composed of 17 slats made up of glued birch
  • Creaky
  • Slats is reported to fall out

Lonset Slatted Bed Base

This slatted bed foundation is an improved version of the Luroy foundation. For a bit higher cost, you can take advantage of a high-quality and comfortable product that you will certainly enjoy. Similar to the Luroy foundation, this slatted bed foundation was specifically created for IKEA bed frames. This means that if you plan to pair it with another frame brand, you need to ensure that it can properly fit with the frame in terms of shape and structure.

The Lonset slatted bed foundation is composed of 30 slats that are made up of glued birch. This is an improved version of the Luroy model, which has only 17 slats. In terms of materials, this foundation is made up of adhesive resin as coating, beech veneer, birch veneer, Beech veneer, birch veneer, foil, birch plywood, solid birch, and solid beech.

The slats are intentionally created to adapt to your body weight, thereby forming comfort zones that enhance the overall sleep quality of the user and enhance the performance of the mattress. The company offers a limited warranty of 25 years for this product, which includes factory defects. Including the Lonset slatted bed base in your bedding setup is a good idea, and this product is much better and comfier than the Luroy model.

This product gained a rating of 4.1 on the IKEA online store, with a single major complaint. Some customers complained that the foundation is hard to assemble. Each of the slats needs to be woven together using a cloth strap and must be inserted in place. Taking into account that the cloth strap is a bit fragile and the king-size bed has a greater number of slats (doubled), it will take a few hours to finish the assembly process. However, a few customers claimed that the effort of assembling the foundation is really worth it since their sleep quality has greatly improved.

9Expert Score
Lonset Slatted Bed Base Review

  • durable and of high quality
  • Is composed of 30 slats made up of glued birch
  • Adapts to your weight
  • Enhances the performance of your mattress
  • Comes with a warranty of 25 years
  • Excellent sleep quality
  • Challenging assembly process

Leirsund Slatted Bed Base

The Leirsund slatted bed foundation is the most costly and considered the leading IKEA bed foundation model. Its flexible system makes it stand out from the rest of the models, which makes its price a bit higher. This slatted bed foundation is compatible with latex or foam mattresses only since the adjustable bedding system does not function well with spring mattresses.

This bed foundation is composed of 45 slats that are made up of glued birch, making it more advanced than Luroy and Lonset models. It highlights 5 comfort zones that adapt to your body, enhancing your sleep quality and providing enough support. This slatted bed foundation is firm to adapt to your weight, thereby preventing the mattress to sag or fall down.

The most interesting feature of this bed foundation is its adjustable system that enables users to modify the head and foot parts of the bed. This feature is great for those who are used to sit comfortably on their bed while reading or watching television or for those who require an elevated sleeping surface due to medical reasons. Since the bed foundation is adjustable, it is not compatible with spring mattresses. This downside is also one of the reasons why some people will not purchase this product.

What is more amazing about this bed foundation is that the firmness of the slats is also adjustable. This way, you can regulate the level of support depending upon your preference. This feature is not included in Luroy and Lonset models. The Liersund slatted bed foundation contains 6 slats that can be adjusted according to your desired firmness level.

The materials used in this product are beech veneer, birch veneer, solid beech, foil, adhesive resin as coating, high-impact polystyrene, polypropylene, and galvanized steel. This blend of materials and the adjustable bed foundation system make the product durable and efficient. However, there are no recorded customer reviews and ratings about this product yet, so we do not have an idea yet how it feels to have a first-hand experience of the product.

However, based on the information provided by IKEA, the Leirsund slatted bed foundation is the most costly bed foundation model because of one reason. Its quality is excellent and it offers features that will certainly satisfy customers. Because of its adjustable head section, you will enjoy using this bed base as this can allow you to freely and comfortably do things that you love before you sleep. This slatted bed foundation definitely enhances sleep quality due to the fact that its firmness level can be modified depending upon your preference.

As might be expected, this product is backed up by a warranty of 25 years, which only covers factory defects. This slatted bed foundation comes in 3 sizes only: king, full, and queen size. The king size costs $240, queen $210, and full $180. Although the price of this bed foundation is a bit high, the flexibility, comfort, and quality it offers are worth investing for.

10Expert Score
LeirSund Slatted Bed Base

  • Has flexible foot and head sections
  • &nbsp
  • Composed of 45 slats that are made up of glued birch
  • Comes with 6 slats that have adjustable firmness level
  • high-quality
  • durable
  • Offers five comfort zones
  • Adapts to the weight of your body
  • Is backed up by a warranty of 25 years
  • Is not compatible with spring mattresses
  • Costly
  • no twin size

Final Thoughts

Overall, a slatted bed foundation is essential in setting up a bedding system. Sometimes it is included in the bed frame when you purchase one; however, most of the time you need to buy it separately. IKEA offers three slatted bed foundation models. These three models were created to meet your sleeping needs at affordable prices. Although they offer a few varieties of product, the prices range from $50 to $240, with several features that you can choose from. The Luroy slatted bed foundation has the lowest quality among the IKEA slatted bed foundation options; there is no doubt that it has the lowest price.

Leirsund bed foundation is the most advanced model. It offers several features that will certainly satisfy customers because of its durability and quality. Thus, it is a good idea to comprehensively examine each IKEA slatted bed foundation model. If you prefer not to invest your money in the adjustable option, the Lonset model is a great choice for you.

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