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Hyphen is a special division of the Diamond Mattress company, which has been around since 1946. For over 70 years, Diamond Mattress has been producing one of the most trustworthy mattresses in the US market. Hyphen is the owner of its manufacturing facility. In this facility, they control the whole manufacturing process from conception to shipping. Because of this, the company can offer its mattresses at low prices since its products are directly shipped from the company to the customers. Sleep is essential for achieving an active lifestyle.  Hyphen is among the mattress companies that truly understand the importance of quality sleep. Thus, this leads them to produce a mattress that is of high quality, which makes users experience restful sleep and makes them productive during the day.  Our in-depth Hyphen mattress review will walk you through the performance layers of this all-foam mattress and score it based on features like cooling, motion transfer, and support.

Hyphen Mattress Layers

The Hyphen mattress is designed to enable sleepers to have a wonderful sleeping experience. It works well regardless of your body type or sleeping position. It is made up of three distinct foam layers and has a total thickness of 10 inches. The medium firmness of the mattress is highly influenced by the combination of layers. Since its firmness is at the average level, this becomes attractive to many sleepers.

The layers are wrapped with a cover that is composed of a good combination of polyester and spandex. Since the fabric is stretchy, it immediately snaps back to its original position when pulled. You need not worry about the possibility of bunching when you move or change your position as you sleep. The cover is a bit soft. Even though it is not thin, it still promotes proper air circulation, and it impacts the cooling capacities of the mattress, which is very important.

The topmost layer of the mattress is composed of foam that is patented by the company. It is a bit soft and has a density of 3.5 lbs. The foam layer has a thickness of 2 inches. It is engineered to easily adjust to the contour of the body and relieve pressure points. We have also observed that it immediately responds to pressure, unlike other memory foam mattresses that we have reviewed. Even if you remain in a single position as you lie down on the mattress, you do not feel as if you are trapped. The foam is aerated to make sure that air can properly circulate throughout the mattress and it will remain cool the entire night. The aeration is evidenced by the holes that are punched on the first layer. This feature promotes proper airflow and keeps the mattress cool the whole night. In addition, copper is also infused into the foam. Copper has the capacity to draw away heat from the body, thereby making the foam cool to the touch.

The middle layer serves as a transitional layer. It is composed of polyfoam, which is denser than the foam used in the first layer. It has a density of 1.5lbs and makes the bed bouncy. This feature allows users to easily change positions immediately. The second layer is a bit springy; thus, many sleepers are looking forward to experiencing its bounce. This also enables users to move freely and comfortably.

The last layer acts as a base of support, and it has a thickness of 6 inches. It comprises high-density foam. It excellently supports the upper two layers and maintains the shape of the entire mattress. It also offers deep compression support, which is also an important feature of a mattress. This layer also keeps the bed durable and maintains its structural integrity.

The mattress has a rationally simple composition that makes it capable of providing enough comfort and support for sleepers. This is an essential aspect that you need to seriously take into account.

Firmness (Comfort and Feel)

The mattress has a medium firmness based on the firmness scale. It is a bit bouncy, and it immediately regains its shape after pressure is enforced. You can conveniently move around the bed and easily change positions.

The company is committed to producing uniform products that can accommodate the needs and preferences of the majority of sleepers. That being said, the mattress is rated between 4.5 and 6.5 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest and 1 the softest. Overall, the mattress has medium firmness. However, as we have observed, its characteristics lean towards softer mattresses. It is perfect for sleepers of all weights and sizes, and it works well regardless of your sleeping position.

In addition, even if you change sleeping positions from time to time, you are assured that the mattress can certainly meet your needs.

The softness of the mattress relieves pressure points, which is essential for side sleepers.

Hyphen Mattress Motion Transfer

This is another essential aspect of a mattress that is usually neglected by many sleepers. This is usually compromised especially if you only focus on some other features such as support and comfort. However, this should not be disregarded especially if you are sharing your bed with someone. It is important to choose a mattress that has good motion isolation properties so that you will not be able to feel the movements of your partner. This way, you can have uninterrupted and restful sleep.

We observed that the Hyphen mattress performs well when it comes to motion isolation. This feature is actually expected of memory foam mattresses, and this enhances the comfort level of a mattress. Therefore, if you sleep on the Hyphen mattress, the movements made by your partner will not certainly disturb you.

This keeps you more comfortable, and this will definitely lead you to experience wonderful sleep. Then again, you should not disregard the motion isolation properties of a mattress; instead, it should be something that you need to take into account when buying a mattress.

Edge Support

If you have a sleeping partner, you will surely appreciate the fact that you can still lie down near the edges of your bed. Edge support is a feature that enables users to comfortably sleep near the edge of the bed. This also prevents users to slide out of the bed, which is an unpleasant feeling.

We even went as far as to hang off the mattress, and we were amazed by the fact that we did not feel as if we will be rolling off the bed. This means that you can use freely the whole surface of the bed without encountering any issues or worrying about falling off.

Why should you purchase Hyphen Mattress

The Queen size variant of the mattress is sold below $1000, which means that the mattress is really inexpensive.

Moreover, the company offers a trial period of 100 nights. Thus, you will have the chance to try the product and identify whether this can meet your needs.

The company offers a warranty of 20 years, and the coverage includes factory defects and unusual indentations. However, there is a possibility that you will not be using the bed that long anyway.

The company also offers free shipping, and the mattress is compressed and directly delivered to your doorstep. Oftentimes, it would take time for the mattress to expand to its maximum size. In addition, the mattress emits an undesirable odor upon opening the package, which is known as off-gassing. Normally, it will take around 7 days before you can get rid of off-gassing. However, you should not consider it a serious problem since it will also take some time for the mattress to decompress and take its shape and form.

Therefore, that being said, is the Hyphen mattress a must-have item in your bedroom? It goes without saying that there are some things that you need to consider when making a decision. Please find below our suggestions:

The Hyphen mattress is good for you if you prefer:

  • Good bounce– We intentionally used the term “good” since memory foam mattresses can only offer good bounce, and not great.
  • Medium Firmness– If this is what you are looking for in a mattress, the Hyphen mattress is great for you. We have proven that the mattress has medium firmness based on the firmness scale. It provides a generalized feel, which accommodates the needs of many sleepers.
  • Excellent Value– The mattress is sold at an inexpensive price. It is sold directly to the customers; thus, you will not be charged costly middlemen fees.
  • Side Sleeping Solution– As mentioned earlier, it does a great job of alleviating pressure points. This is most suitable for side sleepers as it can prevent and relieve pressure points that could possibly occur in the shoulders and hips.

We would not recommend Hyphen mattress to those who:

  • Are looking for a firm mattress– If you love to sleep on a hard surface due to your health condition or physical requirements, we recommend that you look for another brand.
  • have a limited budget– As mentioned above, this brand is not a great budget purchase. The mattress has no appealing or extra features, and it is not as luxurious as other brands.
  • Are looking for excellent bounce features:  The only type of mattress that offers great bounce is innerspring. If this is what you are searching for, then the Hyphen mattress is not for you.


The Hyphen mattress is a great choice for a variety of reasons. It is a product that provides excellent body support no matter what is your sleeping position. This alone is a plus for this product. The company utilizes innovative, consumer-direct business processes, and it has its own manufacturing facility. This way, customers will only pay for the product alone, not including middlemen fees and other charges. This is certainly an amazing advantage that you need to remember. As a whole, we can conclude that the Hyphen mattress is a good option if you are looking for an affordable product. Its price is much lower than its high-end counterparts that are available in the market.

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