Zotto Mattress Review

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Zotto Mattress Review

We reviewed this mattress for all sleep positions to help you determine if the it is right for you. This in-depth review is built to describe key elements of the mattress that affect its overall quality and comfort. Zotto mattress offers pain relief from pressure build up, reduces motion transfer, and remains cool throughout the night. The mattress adjusts to all body types and delivers superior comfort and support. To sum it up, it offers a thoroughly restful and restorative night of sleep. We recommend it.

Pain Relief
Edge Support
Off Gassing
Back Sleeping
Side Sleeping
Stomach Sleeping
Warranty & Support
  • Provides pain relief from pressure build up
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Superior comfort and support
  • Zotto mattress is not found in stores. It is only sold online. You can not try the mattress out before you buy it. Some people find it can be difficult to determine if it is the right fit for them.

The new trend in mattresses seems to be the bed-in-a-box platform.  These mattresses are sent directly from the manufacturer to your door step.  Zotto is new to this mattress sales platform.  They are an American based mattress manufacturer seeking to resolve the most common complaints from consumers who were having trouble finding a mattress that suited their specific needs.  Mattresses are either too soft or too firm, and they didn’t offer the right amount of comfort and support.  There really is no ‘one size fits all’ mattress. It can be difficult for people, particularly couples, to find the right mattress to suit their specific needs.

The makers of Zotto went on a mission to solve this problem by creating a mattress that delivers the optimal level of support and comfort for all sleepers – from the heavyweight bodybuilder to the petite dancer. They have created the ever elusive ‘one size fits all’ mattress. Zotto based the design of their mattress on extensive scientific research and countless test trials.  This mattress offers an exceptional system of support from deep compression to shallow body contouring for all body types and all sleep positions.

The Zotto mattress is made with gel infused foam, Cool Flow memory foam, Energex foam and high-density support foam. These materials are strategically layered to offer the ideal layer of support, comfort, pressure relief, and pain relief for all sleepers.

We dive deep into the details of this Zotto mattress to find out if it lives up to the claims that it delivers a sleeping surface that allows all sleepers to receive the most restful and restorative night of sleep.

Similar Mattresses

Casper mattress is similar to the Zotto mattress. Both contain four separate layers of high-quality foam, and both are purported to break the heat retention cycle to keep sleepers on a cool sleeping surface.  Both also offer support and comfort that adjusts to various body types. The Zotto mattress measures in at 10 inches thick, and the Casper mattress measures in at 9.5 inches thick.  The Zotto mattress, we think, adjusts better to individual sleepers providing better support and pain relief than the Casper mattress.

Tuft and Needle is another fair comparison to the Zotto mattress. Both measure in at 10 inches thick, and both are made of high-quality foam materials. One notable difference between the two is that the Zotto mattress is made of four separate layers; the Tuft and Needle mattress is only made of two layers. The makers of the Zotto mattress discovered that these four individual layers increases the ability of the mattress to adjust to an individual’s body weight, body shape, and sleeping position preference. The Zotto mattress simply provides the adequate and individualized support and comfort you need to wake up restored and refreshed.

Mattress Layers

Zotto mattress has four separate layers of foam materials combined together to make a mattress that is 10 inches thick.  The top layer of the mattress is gel infused memory foam, next is the Cool Flow memory foam, followed by the Energex foam, and the foundation layer is a high-density support foam.

The Top Layer

The two inch top layer of the Zotto mattress is gel-infused memory foam.  This layer provides the sleeper with the initial comfort of complete body contouring that you feel when you lie on it.  It is highly adaptive and creates a hugging feeling that is molds to your individual body shape. The memory foam is infused with a cooling gel creating that creates a cooling effect.  The gel infusion stops the overheating cycle by absorbing body heat before it gets trapped.  This prevents the surface of the mattress from overheating effectively eliminating the cycle before it starts.

The Second Layer

Additional heat regulation happens in the second layer of the mattress further supporting its ability to provide a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.  The two inch thick second layer of the Zotto mattress is Cool Flow memory foam. This layer of the mattress draws heat away from the body as heat is filtered and dissipated throughout the rest of the mattress. The Cool Flow memory foam also adds another layer of support because it also contours to the exact shape of your body providing deeper pressure point relief.

The Third Layer

The third layer is two inches of Energex foam.  This layer addresses spring and bounce most traditional foam beds lack.  Energex foam gives a small amount of bounce to the mattress but is also capable of reducing motion transfer.  This layer adds to the overall comfort and functionality of the bed.  The Energex foam layer also serves as transitional support; it offers a consistent force of resistance and push-back support for people of all shapes and sizes for all sleeping positions. The Energex foam layer transitions the support from the top layers to the bottom layers.  This material prevents the mattress from excessive sagging as it transitions to the bottom foundation layer.

The Bottom Layer

The bottom layer of the Zotto mattress is the foundation layer; four inches of high-density support foam. This foundation foam layer supports the upper three layers and allows the mattress retain its shape. Deep compression support happens at this foundation layer adding to the mattresses comfort and giving it the ability to prevent pressure build up in areas that are prone to developing pain while sleeping.

The four layers of the mattress are surrounded by a cover made of a blend of polyester and rayon.  This cover is unique in that it offers a two zone design. One zone of the cover is thick and feels similar to a sheet but you’ll find other areas that are thinner allowing for improved airflow to dissipate body heat. The exclusive construction and design of the cover allows you to experience the effects of the foam layers against your body.  This super soft cover further improves the overall comfort delivered by this mattress. This durable cover will adequatly protect the mattress while it retains its shape.


Firmness is really subjective, but if we could put it on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, This mattress would get a score of 10.  This is truly a medium firm and neutral mattress.  It will surely meet the firmness needs of the majority of sleepers.


When you first try out the Zotto mattress you will notice a significant sinking into the first two layers of foam. It feels like you whole body is being hugged.  This is intentional. The sinking and hugging feeling is a direct result of the mattress’ exceptional contouring ability in the first two memory foam layers. This actually relieves pressure build up and distributes the sleepers’ weight giving you the exact individual support where you need it the most.  You will experience reduced strain, pain and pressure and increased energy from a restorative sleep. The sinking experience is balanced by the level of support and bounce offered in that third layer of Energex foam. This material offers consistent resistance while evenly distributes weight throughout the entire mattress providing you with deep compression support.

Motion transfer can be particularly problematic for couples on a traditional innerspring mattress.  Motion transfer is minimized in this mattress so you will not be disrupted by any motion that your sleeping partner may create.

Pain Relief and Support

Pain relief comes from deep compression support and pressure point relief offered by the foundation layers of the mattress. The memory foam quickly contours to the unique shape of your body removing strain and pressure buildup while you sleep.  You’ll wake up with less pain and stiffness and some people report complete reversal of pain caused by traditional inner spring mattresses. It adjusts to the individual body shape and distributes weight evenly giving support where you need it the most. This bed offers exceptional pressure relief and deep compression support minimizing the development of pain by addressing the source. The spine is kept in proper alignment for the duration of the night further reducing pressure buildup that causes pain.

Heat Retention

One of the main problems the mattress manufacturers set out to solve is the heat retention of traditional foam mattresses.  The cooling materials featured in the Zotto mattress provide an exceptional and impressive sleeping surface.  The gel infusion into the top layer of memory foam wicks away moisture and heat from the body. The open weave construction of the Cool Flow memory foam allows the heat and moisture that the upper layer pulls away from the body to be circulated out of the mattress.  The mattress is highly breathable and prevents the overheating cycle so you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Off Gassing

Often you will hear complaints of a chemical odor coming from new foam mattresses.  Certain chemicals that are used in the construction of the foam often emit and unpleasant odor when unpacked and introduced to the new environment. As a result, foam mattresses can have a smell when they are new, and the term off-gassing is used to describe the initial expulsion of the scent. We did not notice any foul off-gassing odor when we first received our Zotto mattress. We were able to set it up and start using it right away.


Mattresses that are constructed completely of foam absorb a tremendous amount of foam, and they are intended to do so.  Unfortunately, a common complaint for foam mattress owners is that more effort needs to be exerted during intimate activities and they can often be impaired. The Zotto mattress has a good level of bounce that comes from the resistance function in the Energex foam layer. This helps to improve the amorous activities; however, you should expect to exert a bit more energy as this bed does absorb a great deal of motion.

Sleeping Position Ratings

No matter your sleeping position, the Zotto mattress definitely stacked up when put to the test. Here’s what we found…

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will find that their body weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress preventing building up pressure in the shoulders, neck, and hips.  If you are a back sleeper you should find this mattress comfortable and supportive.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers might find they feel stuck inside of the Zotto mattress.  It might be a little bit too soft, and it might create too much of a sinking feeling rather than a contouring feeling. If you are a stomach sleeper who sleeps just fine on a soft mattress, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, the neutral firmness of this mattress offers reduced pain and discomfort from pressure point buildup and it offers deep compression support inner spring mattresses do not. This means that you should not experience any pressure buildup on your hips and sides while you are sleeping.

Bed Frame Compatibility

You do not have to buy new furniture to accommodate the Zotto mattress.  It was designed to be used with all types of bed frames platform beds and box springs included.  This can also be used on adjustable bases and slatted frames.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

10-year warranty protecting against issues that may be the result of manufacturer defects.

Full money back guarantee

100 night trial period


The Zotto mattress is designed to deliver a cool, comfortable, and supportive sleeping surface to meet the needs of the majority of sleepers on a neutrally firm mattress.  This mattress is made in America, and manufactured using the highest quality foam materials. It is thoughtfully designed and will appeal to the majority of sleepers. It reduces or completely eliminates pressure that causes pain, it prevents overheating, offers full body support, and complete spinal alignment.

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Is This Mattress Right For You?

If it is important to you to sleep on a mattress that provides an individualized level of support, offers pain relief from pressure build up, reduces motion transfer, and remains cool throughout the night, then the Zotto mattress is a good option for you. This mattress adjusts to all body types and delivers superior comfort and support. Bottom line, it offers a thoroughly restful and restorative night of sleep.

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