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Zenhave mattress in-depth review

The Zenhaven mattress is made completely from natural materials including American Talalay latex, organic cotton and New Zealand wool. This mattress offers two levels of firmness, provides deep compression support, and pressure point and pain relief, and minimizes heat retention.  Overall this mattress was offers unparalleled comfort for the majority of sleepers.

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Edge Support
Off Gassing
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Warranty & Support
  • Best in its class with 20 year warranty
  • No off-gassing odor
  • No heat retention
  • All-natural materials
  • Can only be purchased online

Saatva is a leading mattress producer specializing in bed-in-a-box model. Zenhaven mattress was produced by Saatva. This firm has an excellent reputation in the industry as it has been delivering very high-quality mattresses. Their mattresses are also affordable.  This company is known for building mattresses that are comfy so that you can enjoy an excellent sleep, all night long.  Their mattresses are all made from natural materials that are both good for the environment and good for you.

Built-in the United States, the Zenhaven mattress is made from natural materials. The unique feature of the Zenhaven mattress is that it can be flipped. Nowadays, you cannot find this feature in an ordinary foam or hybrid mattress. The mattress comes with 100% American Talalay latex, 100% organic New Zealand wool, and a plush organic cotton cover.  There are four layers in the mattress, all of which contain Talalay latex.  Each layer has a different indentation load deflection (ILD).  The combined four layers create a mattress that is 10 inches thick.

You will definitely love the natural talalay latex that this mattress is built with. Nothing else compares to natural latex when it comes to comfort. This mattress instantly responds to body curves and provide pressure-free support. It is hypoallergenic. Zenhaven mattress naturally prevents mold, microbes and dust mites. Its durability is one of the best in the market.

Zenhaven mattress is sold online.  It is shipped directly from the manufacturer’s plant to your doorstep.  This reduces overhead costs lowering your final price.  On the other hand, the downsize of getting the product shipped to your house is that you can not try it out.  However, the mattress comes with excellent warranty. If you don’t like it, you can return it in 120 days.

We tested the Zenhaven mattress and developed this in-depth analysis of our findings to give you a better idea of its construction and feel.  This review should make it a little easier to determine if this mattress is worthy of your consideration.

The mattresses that are alternative to Zenhaven

A fair competitor is the Plush Beds mattress as they are partially built with talalay latex.  Zenhaven mattress has four layers – all made of Talalay latex . Plush Beds mattresses generally come with three layers – two of which are made of materials other than Talalay latex.

Another competitor is the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.  Both products are made with Talalay latex. Just like plush bed mattresses, Brooklyn mattress has three layers and only one layer is Talalay latex.

As we provide a general info about this mattress, it is now time to cover in-depth review of Zenhaven Mattress


Let’s break those four layers down further into detail.

The Top Layer

The top layer is 1.5-inch Talalay latex.  This layer is the one that is responsible for offering initial comfort you experience when you lie down on the mattress. It is actually a “5-zone” comfort layer.  The latex conforms to your body’s curves and is very responsive. Talalay latex used to build this mattress is very well known for its ability to transfer heat. It means it will naturally cool down your body during sleep.  It will pull the heat away from your body to prevent the heat cycle from starting. It is also designed to prevent the temperature at the surface from rising to an uncomfortable level which may cause night-time waking.

The Second Layer

The second layer is 3-inches.  The Talalay latex in the second layer is double the thickness of the top layer.  This makes the second layer very responsive.

The Third Layer

The next layer is also 3 inches of Talalay latex, but this layer has an ILD of 30 to 34.  It means it is relatively hard compared to other layers. The high ILD in this layer gives the mattress the ability to be flipped to a softer foam or a firmer foam.  If the mattress is flipped, this layer creates a firmer sleeping surface.  Conversely, when this layer is positioned in the 3rd layer position, it acts as a deep compression and a transitional support layer. If the mattress is positioned so that this higher density foam becomes the second layer a firmer surface is created and it creates more push back on the top layer.

The Fourth Layer

The foundation layer of the Zenhaven mattress is also a 1.5-inch. It is designed to support the top three layers of the mattresses and retain the mattress’s shape. When the mattress is flipped over and this layer becomes the top one, you will have a firmer sleeping surface.

Because the Zenhaven mattress can be flipped, the bottom and the top layers of the mattress are designed to be comfort layers and deep compression support is provided in the middle layers. Flipping the mattress creates a totally different sleeping surface.

The cover that is made up of organic cotton.  Below the cover, you will find a Joma wool sewn into each side of the cover.  The wool serves as a moisture wick and a natural temperature regulator.  The organic cotton is very absorbent to heat. The wool along with organic cotton together is designed to keep the temperature down on a sleeping surface.  The Joma wool is sewn into both sides. No matter which side you prefer to sleep on, you will experience its cooling features.


Firmness is really subjective, but this mattress is really neat because it gives you an option to select a super soft side or a firmer side.  The two different firmness levels in this one mattress score a firmness level of 4.5 on the soft side and 6.5 on the firm side.  If firmness could be measured on a 10 point scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest, this mattress offers a sleeping surface for the vast majority of sleeper because you have the ability to flip it.


The Zenhaven mattress offers a fantastic degree of comfort. You can truly customize this mattress to match your comfort level because you have the ability to sleep on both sides before you decide which is most comfortable for you. This really allows you to determine the level of comfort that it can offer.  The Talalay latex offers a degree of bounce that other foam mattresses can’t offer.  You will find it easy to get in and out of the bed, and easy to move around in the mattress without feeling stuck or sunk into the mattress.

The level of bounce a mattress offers is usually referring to the degree of motion transfer you experience with the bed.  With the Zenhaven mattress you get the best of both worlds. It offers an excellent resistance to motion transfer so you won’t wake up when your partner is getting into or out of bed or changing sleep positions during the night.  This makes the Zenhaven an ideal option for couples who share a sleeping surface.

Pain Relief and Support

The Zenhaven mattress reduces pain associated with pressure build up. The degree to which this mattress supports your whole body is quite impressive. The varying IDL levels of the Talalay latex allow you to customize level of pressure point relief and deep compression support with the flip of the mattress.  When you minimize the tension placed on the body you reduce the pain and pressure and wake up rested and restored.

Heat Retention

Overheating is one of the most common causes of sleep disruption whether you sleep on a foam mattress or a traditional innerspring mattress. The Zenhaven mattress addresses this issue with the highly breathable cover and high breathable Talalay latex.  Your body heat is literally absorbed into the layers of the mattress and distributed out of it so it doesn’t become trapped and lead to overheating.  In addition to the breathability of the organic cotton and Jola wool cover, it has natural moisture wicking properties thereby creating a natural heat regulator. The cover works in conjunction with the Talalay latex to create a sleeping surface that remains cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Off Gassing

Off-gassing refers to the odor that a new mattress emits because of the chemicals used to manufacture the foam.  Mattresses that are made of foam tend to emit some degree of odor as a result of these chemicals used in the production of the foam.  This odor can be unpleasant and sometimes long lasting depending on the quality of the materials used.  However, this is not the case with the Zenhaven mattress.  It is made of all natural materials so you don’t have to worry about chemical compounds emitting unpleasant odors when you first set up your new bed.


A common issue for owners of foam beds is the additional effort that needs to be exerted for amorous activities.  The Talalay latex used in the Zenhaven mattress offers a level of bounce not found in your traditional foam mattresses.  This means you’ll still get that bounce back from the latex and the reduced motion transfer benefits of foam.

Sleep Position Ratings

We also assessed the comfort and support for different sleep positions. Here is what we found…


Back sleepers will find that the Zenhaven mattress offers a great deal of support and comfort especially because you can choose your comfort level by placing the mattress soft side up or firm side up.  Back sleepers often find when the firm side is facing up they get that deep compression support, which reduces the development of pain while sleeping on the back.


Stomach sleepers conversely will find this mattress more comfortable and supportive when the soft side is facing upwards. Stomach sleepers should enjoy this mattress because it contours and cradles your body but it doesn’t make you feel like you’re sinking or stuck inside of the mattress.


If you’re a side sleeper we also think that you will find this mattress both comfortable and supportive. Your spine will be kept in proper alignment throughout the night and you’ll experience reduced buildup of pressure and pain in the problem areas associated with all of your weight being placed on one side of your body.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Zenhaven mattress is incredibly versatile.  It was designed to be compatible with all types of bed frames, so you don’t have to purchase new furniture to go with your new mattress.  Whether you have a platform bed, box springs, a slatted frame or even an adjustable base, your mattress will work with all frame types. We recommend slatted frames for this mattress.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

  • Warranty:  This mattress comes with an outstanding 20-year warranty
  • Guarantee:  A full money-back guarantee is offered with the Zenhaven mattress.
  • Trial period: 120 night trial period. If you are not satisfied with the mattress at any point within the first 120 days from purchase, you can have the mattress picked up and your money will be fully refunded.

Rating Box and Summary

For more information on the Zenhaven Mattress, click here.


If you’re in the market for a mattress that is made only of natural materials, you want different firmness options, you would like a nice level of bounce with limited motion transfer, and you would like minimized heat retention, then you consider the Zenhaven mattress from Saatva. We found this to be one of the most unique and comfortable mattresses on the market.


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