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As a whole, although this mattress is made up of high-quality materials, its firmness is not suitable for newborns. This mattress is too soft and cushiony, which means that this is best for toddlers and children only, and not appropriate for newborn babies. Therefore, if you’re in search of a newborn mattress, then it is best to consider other brands that are firmer. However, if you want to let your toddler experience the comfort of an innerspring mattress, then the Sealy Baby Posturepedic crib mattress is a great option. This product offers value for money.

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  • This mattress is durable and provides posture support for infants and children. This is made possible by the 220 adult-grade Posturetech coils integrated in the mattress. These Posturetech coils adjust to the movements of the baby and provide support for the baby regardless of her or his position.
  • The four cushioning layers keep your little one comfortable throughout the night.
  • Because of this product, the company won the Woman’s Choice awards in 2013 and 2014 under the “Best for Baby” category.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty, which means that they are confident that their product is created out of high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.
  • It has a totally waterproof cover. The cover is made up of materials that contain antistatic and antibacterial properties. A STAPH-GUARD system is also integrated into the mattress to ensure safety.
  • The sides of the mattress are reinforced with steel bars to ensure that the shape of the mattress is maintained even if your child sits on the edges.
  • It has also natural airflow pockets to keep the mattress cool and breathable.
  • The innerspring core is not as supportive as memory foam mattresses.
  • It’s quite heavy at around 14lbs.
  • Even though this mattress is specially designed to be safe for newborns, several parents find that it is softer than what they’ve expected. The cushioning layers make it too soft.
  • This is not considered a dual-purpose mattress. All sides have a similar level of firmness.

The Sealy Baby Posturepedic crib mattress is among the most leading and popular innerspring crib mattresses that are available in the market these days. Sealy has been in the mattress industry for over 130 years. They have been producing high-quality mattresses for a long period of time, and their expertise is evident in the features of the Sealy Baby Posturepedic crib mattress. This mattress keeps your baby comfortable and safe. Using this crib mattress makes it convenient for you to care for your baby.

Product Characteristics and Specs

  • Materials: This classic innerspring mattress is made up of 220 adult-grade metal coils and 4 layers of cushioning that has antibacterial properties. These features ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable.
  • Sizes: This crib mattress has a standard size, which is 51.5inch x 27inch.
  • Thickness: The mattress has a total thickness of 5 inches. Therefore, most brands of a standard-size crib and toddler bed fitted sheets can fit in this mattress nicely.
  • Comfort: Since this product is made up of support coils and several cushioning layers, this certainly provides comfort to your baby. However, this is not as firm as its counterparts.
  • Durability:  To maintain the firmness of the sides of the mattress, Sealy uses a full-perimeter steel bar. The mattress also has an anti-sag weight distribution feature that prevents dips from the surface of the mattress and a lock-stitched binding feature that prevents rips and tears at the seams.
  • Safety: The mattress is certified by the GREENGUARD GOLD, and the company adheres to the safety standards in terms of lead and phthalate content and flammability.
  • Age and Weight Recommendations: This mattress is recommended for babies and children aging 0–4 years old. Its weight limit is 60lbs.

As a summary, although this mattress is obviously made up of high-quality materials, we find that a firmer sleeping surface is required for newborns. The softness and cushioning layers of the mattress are only suitable for toddlers and children, and not appropriate for newborn babies. We recommend Simmons beautyrest crib mattress for newborns as it is firmer.

As a whole, the Sealy Baby Posturepedic crib mattress gained positive reviews from customers, and most of them are amazed of the product’s durability. Parents were impressed of the lock-stitched binding and steel-reinforced edges that were invented by Sealy’s detail-oriented designers. These features make the product durable. A few customers claimed that the product is still functional even if it is used by energetic toddlers for many years.

However, several caregivers and parents express their concerns as regards the mattress’ firmness. As recommended by physicians, an extremely firm sleeping surface is required for newborns, and this mattress is the opposite of what doctors recommend. Some customers find that the mattress has average firmness and they were not confident to let their newborns sleep on it. However, some reviewers claimed that this mattress is certainly great for toddlers as it adheres to the safety standards and it has enough cushioning.

The waterproof shell is an interesting feature of the mattress, but some customers reported that it tatters after many years of using the mattress. Some customers recommend using an additional mattress cover to protect the surface. In addition, several buyers observed that the mattress started to sag after a few months of using it, and they have noticed some indentations in the part where the infants’ heads would lie. Most of the customers recommended flipping the mattress to solve the problem.


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