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Luxi Mattress Review

We tested and reviewed this mattress for people of all sleep positions. This is an extremly long review so that you can decide whether Luxi mattress is right for you. This in-depth assessment has been built to describe the key elements of a mattress that impact its overall quality and comfort. The mattress scored 9 out 10. We strongly recommend it. If it is important for you to be able to adjust your mattress for a customized level firmness, and if you’re in the market for a mattress that offers deep compression support, reduces pain, isolates motion transfer, yet still offers a nice level of bounce, then the Luxi mattress will be a good option for you. This mattress is made of the highest quality materials, is durable and is affordable. We believe all of these things will appeal to the majority of consumers.

Pain Relief
Edge Support
Off Gassing
Back Sleeping
Side Sleeping
Stomach Sleeping
Warranty & Support
  • Adjustable layers customize firmness
  • Minimum heat retention
  • Minimum motion transfer
  • Luxi mattress is not found in stores and you will not have to sit through painful, high pressure sales tactics. However, this also means that you can not try the mattress out before you buy it. Some people find it can be difficult to determine if the Luix mattress is the right fit for them.

There is advertising for mattresses everywhere you look these days.  All you have to do is turn on the TV or check your social media news feed and you will find ad after ad for mattresses.  The new trend seems to be bed-in-a-box mattresses.  These mattresses are sent directly from the manufacturer to your door step.  The Luxi Mattress is one of the newest names to join the ranks of this industry.

People have a very difficult time finding a mattress that meets their needs, and the makers of the Luxi mattress have set out to solve that problem. Your mattress is either too hard or too soft; it has too much support for certain sleeping positions and not enough support for others. Mattresses are not one size fits all. In response, Luxi developed a different kind of mattress and approached its design differently than traditional manufacturers. This mattress gives you the ability to add, remove, and swap the interior layers.  This design effectively gives you the ability to create a mattress that is soft, medium, or firm. You now have the ability to customize your sleep surface to suit your specific needs.

The high quality materials used in the Luxi mattress include Dunlop latex, memory foam, memory foam heads, and poly foam.  These materials are separated into four individual layers allowing you to easily swap them around and change their position.  When you have the freedom to customize the firmness of your mattress via trial and error you can create a sleeping surface that will actually meets your individual needs.

This mattress is manufactured in the United States and is shipped directly from the manufacturer’s facility right to your home. This sales model significantly reduces the cost of the mattress and prevents high pressure sales tactics. While this is certainly a benefit, the downside is that you can’t try the mattress out before you buy it.  It’s harder to discern if this mattress is a good fit for you. This review was created to so that consumers like you can better determine if Luxi is the best choice for you. We offers an in depth look into all of the aspects of the mattress.

Similar Mattresses:

Luxi mattress is fairly comparable to the Novos Bed. Both beds contain layers of poly foam, memory foam and are adjustable.  The most notable difference however, is that the Luxi offers four swappable layers of foam, while the Novos Bed only has three.  Even though the Novos Bed has one less layer, it actually measures to be slightly thicker. Novos Bed is 11 inches thick and the Luxi is 10.25 inches thick.

One can also say the Bear mattress could be considered a fair comparison as well to the Luxi mattress. Both have four layers, and both have a layer of poly foam and memory foam. However, the Bear mattress does not contain swappable layers; it is not customizable. Also, it measures at 10 inches; a bit thinner than the Luxi mattress at 10.25 inches.


The Luxi mattress has four separate layers, which include Dunlop latex, memory foam, memory foam heads and poly foam.  Combining these layers in different positions creates a customized 10.25 inch thick mattress. What makes this mattress so different from any other mattress we have ever tested is that each of the layers can be swapped in order to adjust the firmness and creating the comfort level that is as unique as you are.

When the mattress is delivered to you in the layout discussed below, and these are the descriptions of the different layers that the mattress comes with.

The Top Layer

On the top of the Luxi mattress is a 1.5 inch thick layer of Dunlop latex. The Dunlop laytes will provide the mattress with the majority of its comfort.  We found that it has a slight bounce to it, but it also is plush and responsive to the shape of the body.  The advantage of laytex is that it is aerated, allowing for maximum breathability so that your body heat can easily pass through the latex.  When your body heat is trapped inside of standard memory foam, the surface temperature of the top layer of foam increases and leads to a cycle of overheating and discomfort or night time waking.

The Second Layer

The second layer is 1 inch of memory foam. The memory foam is highly responsive to pressure and contours to the unique shape of your body.  This layer of the mattress is responsible for reducing morning time pain by providing pressure relief and reducing strain.

The Third Layer

The very unique third layer of the Luxi mattress is 3.5 inches of foam heads. Foam heads are intended to provide compression support and pressure point relief. They contour to the body at very light weights, which means that even people of a lighter weight will find that the mattress contours to their bodies.

The Bottom Layer

The fourth and final layer of the Luxi mattress is 3.5 inches of poly foam. This serves as the mattress’s foundation and keeps the shape of the bed. It provides deep compression support; it assists the upper layers in retaining their shapes and maintaining their supportive properties.  This layer allows you to really experience the comfort and support this unique mattress provides.

The Luix mattress layers are contained inside of a removable cover that is made of a blend of polyester, viscose and spandex.  This cover is quilted with one half inch of foam adding a subtle touch of softness to the surface of the mattress. This cover is thin and soft, but we found it to be highly breathable. Working in concert with Dunlop latex this cover keeps the surface of the mattress cool and stops the cycle of overheating.  We also found this cover to be very durable.  It returned to its original shape almost immediately after we pulled on it.

The cover of the Luxi mattress is clean and modern. With a white top the cover is blended with a gray strip that runs along the bottom edge.  The zipper allows you to easily to open and close the cover to access and swap the different layers of the mattress to adjust the firmness.


The firmness of the Luxi mattress is customizable and can range from feather soft to solid firm. You can easily swap the layers of the mattress to reach the desired firmness level.  Firmness is subjective, but at its firmest the mattress reaches about an 8 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10; when the layers are adjusted to a medium firmness the mattress ranks a 5.5 on the same firmness scale, and when it is adjusted to be soft mattress, it comes in at about a 3.5 on the same firmness scale.

Switching the order of the top three layers adjusts the firmness that best suits your individual comfort level.  When the foam heads are placed at the top the mattress becomes soft, and when the memory foam is placed at the top and it becomes medium. The delivered setup schematic is for a firm mattress.


The mattress has the potential to be very comfortable for a wide range of people because of its adjustability. The memory foam offers pressure point relief and the Dunlop latex and the poly foam offers the compression support necessary for a restorative sleep. The foam heads contour to the body, creating a level of comfort only foam can provide. Adjusting your layers allows you to create a custom tailored mattress to meet your specific comfort needs.

One of the benefits foam offers is the ability to isolate motion.  The movements from your sleeping partner will not disturb you while you sleep. You won’t be bothered by any movement that is created in the mattress when someone else moves or gets in and out of bed.  We think this mattress is a great choice for anyone who shares a bed.

Pain Relief and Support

Pain relief comes from deep compression support and pressure point relief offered by the foundation layers of the this mattress. The memory foam quickly contours to the unique shape of your body removing strain and pressure buildup while you sleep.  You will wake up with less pain and stiffness and some people report complete reversal of pain caused by traditional inner spring mattresses.

Heat Retention

The most common complaint for owners of foam mattresses is heat retention. Foam tends to absorb body heat, and if it isn’t dispersed out of the mattress the top layer heats up the sleeping surface and leads to a cycle of overheating the sleeper. The Dunlop latex in the Luxi mattress is aerated so that any heat absorbed and collected in the mattress filters out instead of becoming trapped. If you’re a hot sleeper you may want to keep the Dunlop latex as your top of the mattress to ensure optimal breathability and maximum coolness.

Off Gassing

Often you’ll hear complaints of a chemical odor coming from new foam mattresses.  Certain chemicals that are used in the construction of the foam often emit and unpleasant odor when unpacked and introduced to the new environment. As a result, foam mattresses can have a smell when they are new, and the term off-gassing is used to describe the initial expulsion of the scent. We didn’t notice any foul off-gassing odor when we first received our Luxi mattress. We were able to set it up and start using it right away.


Another common complaint for foam mattress owners is that more effort needs to be exerted for intimate relations due to the lack of recoil and bounce back.  This mattress offers a nice amount of bounce thanks to the Dunlop latex layer. This bounce means that you will be able to easily enjoy amorous activities, as you won’t have to put in much extra effort to move around.

Sleeping Position Ratings

No matter your sleeping position, the mattress stacked up when put to the test. Here’s what we found…

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will find that their body weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress preventing building up pressure in the shoulders, neck, and hips.  If you are a back sleeper you should find this mattress comfortable and supportive.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers should also find this mattress comfortable. The spine is kept in proper alignment and this mattress prevent pain resulting from the buildup of pressure on the lower back and hips.

Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, this mattress offers reduced pain and discomfort from pressure point buildup and it offers deep compression support inner spring mattresses do not. This means that you should not experience any pressure buildup on your hips and sides while you are sleeping.

Bed Frame Compatibility

You can use the mattress with any type of bed frames.  The very versatile design means you can keep your existing furniture or use it with any frame of your liking.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

Standard 10 year manufacturer warranty

Guarantee: Full money back guarantee is offered

 Trial Period:  Because the sales strategy does not allow a consumer to try it before buying it, the manufacturer instead offers a 1000 night trial period. If you are not happy with Luxi mattress, contact the manufacturer.


The four layers that comprise the Luxi mattress can be swapped easily to maximize your comfort and achieve a customized firmness level. The mattress offers deep compression support and pressure point relief, it isolates motion transfer and still offering an impressive level of bounce. Body heat is dissipated through the Dunlop latex layer keeping you throughout the night. We did not experience the off putting odor of off-gassing when it was first unpacked. The 1,000 night trial period is unheard of in this industry; no other mattress manufacturer offers a trial period this long.

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Luxi mattress offers deep compression support, reduces pain, isolates motion transfer. The mattress is made of highest quality materials and cheap. You can even customize it for firmness

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