How to repair an air mattress

Air mattresses are prone to numerous problems and damage. However, do not let this discourage you to purchase one. It is easy to fix holes in an air mattress. We explain how to repair an air mattress here.  Air mattresses have several advantages, and I can guarantee you that there are many high-end air beds that are available in the market these days that are really long lasting. However, it is expected that their durability is not the same as those high-density memory foam or natural latex. An air mattress is vulnerable to damages no matter how good it is; therefore, you have to be ready for appropriate repairs.

The two most usual damages are faulty pumps and punctures. In this post, our focus is on fixing leaks. We also provide you detailed information on how to find and repair holes. The repair process is not easy and anyone with a little hands-on experience can do the repair.

Tools and Materials Needed to fix a leaky air mattress

  • Sandpaper
  • Vacuum
  • Bicycle inner tube repair kit
  • Rubber patch/contact metal scoring disk

How to patch an air mattress

Here is a video showing you all the steps to patch an air mattress:

  1. Locate the leak:  There are numerous ways to check for holes in an air mattress. One method is soapy water. The holes can be immediately detected when the solution produce bubbles. Just smear the exterior surface with soapy water and look for bubbles. Another way is to submerge parts of the mattress in water and check the area where bubbles are produced. That part has the hole. After you have spotted the hole, deflate the mattress.
  2. Sand and Score:  You only need to do this step if the hole is located in the flocked area that is on the surface of certain ranges. If that is the case, then gently sand away the flocked surface and the areas around the hole. This step makes the surface smooth and allows for an effective sealing later on. 
  3. Apply Contact Cement: This is the step that needs a bit of care. Conforming to the instructions indicated in the bicycle repair kit, put on the contact cement around the hole and apply a dab of glue. Let it dry properly for efficient bonding.
  4. Patch the inflatable bed:  After applying the cement properly based on the instructions, the rubber patch must be lined over the damaged area.Firmly press the patch into the cement to bond it well. Keep in mind that you need to get rid of air bubbles that may hinder the bond. You can do this by rubbing the patch in a circular manner. Make sure that it is properly sealed and all edges and corners are bonded properly.
  5. Inflate: When you have put on the patch successfully, dry and secured, you can inflate the air mattress gradually. To check the effectiveness of the repair, place a small amount of talc over the repaired area. If the repair is effective, the talc powder will not fly off. If the repair is ineffective, the white powder will blow from the defective part.

Regardless of the part that has been damaged, you can always repair air mattress and fix the holes.  Nowadays, most air beds include a repair kit. However, if a built-in pump has issues, a patch repair kit is worthless. In the case of construction defect, I suggest you get in touch with the manufacturer and demand your money back, repair, or replacement.

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