How to Choose the Best Sleep Mask

It’s not so hard to believe that more than half of American adults do not get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, especially if you’re one of them.  Study after study has experts warning about how this lack of sleep is affecting our bodies and our brains.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers the lack of sleep a health epidemic, and they indicate getting restorative sleep is a non-negotiable priority. Sleeping pills are a viable solution for some people, but often times they do not allow the brain to move in and out of the various stages of the sleeping cycle.  Sleeping masks can be a simple and effective solution.  Sleeping masks are convenient at home and on the road, and they will block unwanted light to help your body produce melatonin, the hormone produced by your body to help signal natural sleep. There are a lot of sleep masks out there so finding the right sleep mask might be overwhelming.  There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to decide on the one that works best, including your budget, sleep position, and facial features.

How to choose a sleep mask

Deciding on anything these days can be a little overwhelming at first and it is a common problem shared by many people.  Once you get all of the information you need it’ll be easier to choose a sleep mask.  These masks can be used at home or while traveling.  People like using them especially when they’re staying in a hotel, in a hospital, or when they know they will be sleeping in a place other than their home.  People who work night shifts often use them during the day to block out light, and other people use them during the night.  Some people find them useful for power napping during the day, and others find them beneficial for relaxation and meditation.

To narrow your search and increase your chances of getting the right mask on the first try, you need to think about the primary use for your sleep mask.  When you know what it will be used mostly for, it will help narrow down your choices.  We have taken a look at the multiple scenarios and produced a list of recommendations for you.

Sleep masks to block out light

It is not easy to block 100% of light with a sleep mask.  Everyone’s face is a little different in shape, so a mask that blocks 100% of light for one person may not do so for another.  If you are trying to sleep in a fairly dark room, but some unwanted light creeps in through the curtains then a mask with a 98% light block rating will be just right for you.

For people who need to get some sleep in a location with bright lights such as a hospital room during the day, or on a long flight in a brightly lit cabin, you need to find a mask with a strong 99% to 100% light blocking capability.  If you are a night shift worker, it is vitally important to find a sleep mask that blocks 100% of the light.

The secret to finding the right sleep mask to achieve 99% and 100% blockage of unwanted light is correctly fitting it to your face.  The Opulence or silk eye mask is a great solution for you if you are seeking comfort and blocking 99%+ of light.  This sleep mask is plush and it provides excellent comfort with its natural cotton materials.  Opulence is an affordable solution that comes in a variety of colors.

The Infinity Sleep Mask also offers excellent comfort.  It features an ergonomic design that fits snugly against the face.  The mask is made with soft, double-velour fleece and offers 100% light-blocking capacity.  This mask is surrounded by a soft, breathable roll to provide superior light-blocking ability without getting too hot.  Our customers agree that this is the best mask on the market, just take a quick glance at the reviews and you’ll understand why our customers are so in love with this mask!

The Total Eclipse Sleep Mask is an amazing solution for back sleepers looking for 100% light blockage capacity.  This sleep mask is lightweight and has eye cavities so your eyes never touch the mask.  The front of the mask is made using a flexible face plate, and the back is lined with foam so it can completely conform to your face.  A unique feature of this mask is that the strap comes equipped with an ear plug holder.

This is the night shift workers’ dream because they can rest confidently knowing that each of these sleep masks from Dream Essentials will serve their purpose.

Sleep masks for travel

One fan favorite for travel is the Escape Luxury Sleep Mask.  Everything you could ever want in a travel sleep mask is rolled up into this mask.  The natural cotton fiber texture ensures extreme comfort and softness.   You’ll find an interior eye chamber so your eyes never feel any pressure.  The chamber also helps achieve maximum light blockage, which is perfect if you are trying to sleep during the day.  This mask comes with a convenient carry pouch, ear plugs, and an ear plug case. This mask can be worn by both men and women, especially those who fly or travel often.

The Sweet Dreams sleep mask is lightweight and easy to travel with.  It comes with a carrying pouch that is perfect to throw in your luggage, briefcase, purse or even your beach bag!  It comes in three colors, and with its own earplugs.

Sleep masks for side sleepers

If you sleep on your side looking for a good face mask you know how hard it is to find one that is comfortable.  You should look for a mask that is flexible and doesn’t dig into your face.  Side sleepers generally prefer a more streamlined mask profile because they are not so easily dislodged in varying sleep positions.

We recommend trying the Twilight Side Sleeper one size fits all mask.  It comes with a comfortable cotton liner and has a slim-line profile.  It is made using a layered technology which is great for blocking persistent light.  Each mask comes with a carry pouch, ear plugs, and an ear plug case.

Our Dream Essentials Contoured Sleep Mask is another solution that is lightweight for side sleepers.  It is soft, flexible, and breathable so your face doesn’t feel stuffy and hot while you sleep.  The Contoured Sleep Mask comes in two colors; black and aqua, and it comes with an easily adjusted Velcro strap.

Another sleep mask that is very flexible and extremely affordable is the Snooz.  This lightweight mask is made with soft satin that will help you fall asleep quickly.  The Snooz comes in 4 different colors and features a dual elastic band.

Sleep masks for puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are downright horrible.  There are a lot of things that can cause puffy eyes.  For starters, staring at a computer monitor all day, crying, allergies, and a general lack of good sleep can all cause puffy and tired eyes.  We have a line of gel masks that will give your eyes a spa-like experience and reduce puffiness.  You will feel complete relaxation with the gel eye masks specifically designed for puffy eyes to soothe your peepers.  Refrigerating the mask for 45 minutes to an hour before you use it will provide cold therapy to ease migraines and headaches.  You can also place a gel mask in warm water and indulge in warm relaxation.

We offer a full collection of dry eye therapy for people who suffer from irritating dry eyes.   Dry eyes can be itchy and scratchy, or cause burning sensations that ultimately affect your vision. Our Tranquileyes with Thermo Eyes or Tranquileyes with Beads can both be used as sleep masks to help hydrate your dry eyes.

Sleep masks that do not touch your eyes

You might be wondering if you should buy a mask with cavities.  You should probably know exactly what eye cavities are in a sleep mask before you make the choice.  Some masks are shaped and designed so that there are recesses (or cavities) where your eyes belong.

These cavities create an environment for your eyes so that they do not touch the fabric of the mask.  You can open your eyes while you’re wearing the mask and your eyelashes are far enough away from the fabric so you can just stare into the darkness.

Some people experience a soothing sensation from the gentle pressure on the eyelids, but others find it irritating.  Escape, Infinity, Sweet Dreams, Total Eclipse Sleeping Mask, and Mindfold are some of the most popular brands that use the eye cavity design and don’t touch your eyes.

Affordable Sleeping masks

Snooz collection is wildly popular and affordable.  These masks are made with silky, soft satin and they come in 4 color options.  This mask line features a Comfort Bridge so persistent unwanted light will not reach your eyes from the gap at the bridge of your nose.  It is comfortably lightweight and rests lightly on your face and places no pressure on your eyes.

Another affordable and stylish option is the Dreamlite Sleep Mask. This lightweight mask is made of soft and breathable material so it is perfect for sleeping anywhere and anytime.  You’ll also like the quirky patterns and designs that are printed on the face of the mask.  You can also customize the sleep mask with your own design on it!

Aromatherapy Sleep Masks

Throughout the ages, herbs have been used to treat a variety of conditions.  Herbs have medicinal and calming qualities and if you are not prone to allergies or you are looking to promote deep, peaceful, and or comforting sleep, we offer several choices for aromatherapy masks.

Our Dream Essence mask is made with a pocket in the front so you can insert an herb packet called the sleep booster.  This Sleep Booster helps you get a deeper more restorative sleep.  Each of our aromatherapy masks comes with a free lavender and chamomile herb sachet to help you naturally fall into a deep and restful sleep.  The Dream Essence mask has a Comfort Snug strap so you can get the perfect light-blocking capacity.

Another aromatherapy option is our Solitude sleep mask which comes filled with lavender flowers.  These can help to calm you so you can achieve a deeper night’s sleep.  This mask is made with an adjustable Velcro strap so you can find the perfect fit.

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