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Bear Mattress

The Bear mattress is designed to offer a balanced level of above average firmness, body contouring, bounce, and exceptional support. It is also designed to minimize heat retention and reduce the buildup of pressure points which causes pain. Overall, this mattress delivers on its promises. It offers bounce and minimal motion transfer. It remains cool throughout the night and it offers great support and pain relief.

Pain Relief
Edge Support
Off Gassing
Side Sleeping
Stomach Sleeping
Warranty & Support
  • Thermo-reactive Celliant blend cover
  • Graphite infused memory foam
  • Amazing support
  • Minimal heat retention
  • Minimal off-gassing
  • Highly responsive
  • Pain relieving properties
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Boosts energy
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100 night trial period
  • Full money back guarantee
  • Purchases can only be made online, you are not able to try it before you buy it
  • Some sleepers might find it too firm
  • Some sleepers might find it too soft

The online mattress industry is growing very fast and the newest addition to the bed in a box market is Bear mattress. Make no mistake, this mattress is unique and stands on its own in this congested space. Like other mattresses, the Bear addresses heat retention, but this mattress is exclusive in that it can boost muscle recovery. It is comfy and supportive like only foam can be, but this is a mattress built to give active people the most restorative and restful sleep. Even folks who may have less active lifestyle will love this mattress as well.

High-density support foam along with Graphite gel infused memory foam, a remarkably sensitive support foam, used to build this mattress. Pairing those materials together in three distinct layers results in an extremely comfortable mattress intended to expedite muscle recovery. Those layers work in concert with one another to create a mattress that delivers customized comfort, exceptional support, minimal heat retention functionality.The bed in a box sales model saves consumers a significant amount of money because they cut the costs associated with the corner mattress store. The Bear mattress employs this sales strategy and can only be purchased online. It is delivered directly to your doorstep. You do not need to cope with sales tactics at store, and customers also save money. The manufacturer actually passes the savings along to you! The downside to this sales strategy is that you do not have the ability to test the mattress before you buy it. If you cannot test the bed before you buy it, it might be difficult to decide if the mattress is good for you. We created this bear mattress review to help you discover if this mattress has the features you need to get a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.


Mattress Layers

There are 4 separate layers of foam in this mattress. First layer is graphite gel memory foam.. Middle two layers are highly responsive memory foam. The last layer is the high-density support foam. The mattress is 10-inches thick. Let’s further break down the layers found in this mattress

The Top Layer

Top layer is 1 inch thick graphite gel memory foam. This breathable and odorless layer has an open cell polymer structure which is made to assist the overall airflow. The company reports that this design promotes airflow by 95 percent. This layer is given the task of keeping you cool all night long and preventing waking from heat retention. Bear wanted to address the most common complaint related to foam mattresses – heat retention. Bear discovered that this layer of foam infused with graphite gel makes its product seven times cooler compared to other products in the market.

This layer, in addition, delivers outstanding pressure relief. Your body weight is distributed evenly keeping the spine in an ideal position. This layer also designed to lessen motion transfer for extra comfort.

The Second Layer

The second layer is constructed from 1.5 inches of quick response foam. This layer has a polymer structure designed to supply you with the support you need. It offers pressure point relief. It contours to your exact body shape and offers the support you need. This layer also takes part in keeping the mattress cool and comfortable all night long by improving the air flow through the mattress. It is built to further cut down heat retention.

The Third Layer

The quick response form is also used in the third layer. This is a 1-inch thick layer delivering further support. It is also designed to bring down heat retention.

The Fourth Layer

The fourth layer is 6.5-inches thick. This layer has high density core support memory foam. This layer acts as the platform for upper layers and provides deep compression support. This layer is responsible for making the mattress to retain its shape, and it is also highly supportive of the body. This layer provides pressure point relief so that you can get more sleep easily.

The Cover

A combination of Celliant and polyester is used to make the cover. The polyester is soft and durable. Celliant is what makes this product extraordinary. It is a thermo-reactive mineral material which can convert body heat into infrared light. This infrared light provides awesome health benefits. It significantly minimizes the mattress temperature, and the infrared light is reported to enhance blood oxygenation. This, in turn, improves internal temperature regulation to reduce pain in the muscles. It strengthens cellular regeneration – two main reasons for muscle recovery. This special material provides an impressive difference in heat retention. Moreover, the cover is very durable.

The look of the cover is eye-catching and contemporary. The white top has a one of a kind style extending partly along the sides. The rest of the cover is gray.

Hands-on Review

Because you can’t try this mattress before you buy it, we want to provide you with as much information about the mattress as possible.  We analyzed this product based on firmness, comfort, pain relief & support, heat retention,  and smell.


Firmness is very subjective, however, if we had to rate it on a firmness scale of 10, , Bear mattress gets 6.5. This mattress is just a little firmer compared to ordinary mattresses. Even the first layer of the mattress is infused with graphite-infused memory foam. This makes it comparably soft. The other 2 layers also contribute to softness.


Smell means the odor that a new mattress sends out due to the chemicals employed to make the foam. Mattresses that are manufactured from foam usually release some amount of odor. This odor could be upsetting and sometimes resilient primarily based on material quality.

The Bear mattress did not have a significant level of smell, though we did experience a marginally noticeable odor when we opened the package. You should leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room and open the windows so that smell will disappear within a few hours.


Pain Relief and Support

The Bear mattress is manufactured to facilitate pain relief, and it delivers on that promise. At first, there may be minimal sinkage when you lay in virtually any position.. This is a proof that your body is adequately supported to greatly reduce the buildup of pressure points which bring on the pain. The properties of the Celliant blended into the cover. It moves body heat into infrared. It also improves the oxygen levels in the blood. This mattress genuinely offers amazing features to alleviate pain.


We actually liked the mattress and it is incredibly comfy. As formerly discussed, the cover along with the top layer provides cushioning experience. The second layer of memory foam is designed to contour to your entire body. This quick response foam produces a bounce that you simply probably wouldn’t expect from a classic memory foam mattress. You can not feel trapped or pulled inside. To summarize, we believe that the softness along with responsiveness provides a wonderful harmony.

One reason many people prefer foam mattresses is that it offers little to no motion transfer. Motion transfer can actually affect your comfort if you have a sleeping partner. Memory foam is built to minimize motion transfer; it soaks up any motion. The Bear mattress is no different. It minimizes movement transfer as the foam was created to do. The fact is, we did not notice any motion transfer over the mattress. This feature is especially attractive for partners sharing the bed.


The Bear mattress offers a greater than average level of bounce, but the properties inherent to foam will require a little extra effort than a traditional innerspring mattress. This mattress is definitely not as bouncy compared to innerspring mattress; however, you have got far more bounce when compared to a ordinary memory foam mattress. The bounce back is produced by the highly responsive memory foam layers. They soak up just enough motion transfer. However, it is not a huge amount that it diminishes affectionate activities. You’ll inevitably be exerting somewhat more energy.

Heat Retention

The Bear mattress addresses the common issue of heat retention in foam beds. If this worries you as you generally sleep hot, this mattress won’t retain heat and you’ll surely be pleasantly surprised about the Bear mattress. This thoughtfully crafted mattress was made to reduce heat retention while providing muscle recovery, support, and pain relief. The graphite memory foam plus the Celliant in the cover cooperate to soak up your body heat. You are kept relaxed and cool while you rest. We failed to observe an increase in the temperature, regardless of how long we stayed on it or sleeping position.

Sleeping Positions

The body weight is distributed differently for various sleeping position. A completely different level of support is necessary for any position. We examined the quality of support and comfort for sleep positions below.


Back sleepers will quickly realize this mattress to be comfy and supportive. Body weight is uniformly distributed over the Bear mattress if you are back sleeper. There is an ideal level of sinkage and an excellent amount of support. The spinal column remains in appropriate alignment and we enjoyed a decline in pain after resting on the back.

Stomach Sleepers

As for stomach sleepers, this is also comfortable and supportive product. Stomach sleepers frequently feel as if they are being swallowed up and sucked into the memory foam mattress. Stomach sleepers usually report feeling trapped in the memory foam mattress. This is far from the truth for Bear mattress. Due to the highly responsive second and third foam layers, your body is supported adequately. However, you will not feel as though you are trapped. On top of that, the mattress provides considerable pressure point relief and a decline in pain.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are likely to have the highest level of pressure build up. Their weight is targeted to one side and frequently cannot be spread over the mattress. The Bear mattress gives side sleepers sufficient support on the side with no pressure buildup and or pain attributable to innerspring mattresses.

Bed Frame 

The Bear mattress can be used for all bed frames including but not limited to box springs, slatted frames. This functional mattress will not require you to buy any extra furniture since it can be used with many different bed frames. Nonetheless, experts recommend a solid frame like a platform or a frame with durable slats closely spaced.  We specifically recommend ikea slatted bed base as it is both affordable and durable. The mattress can provide the proper support with a durable frame so that you can feel the amazing advantages that this mattress is made to provide.


The Bear mattress comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Any issues related to the manufacturing process within 10 years of purchase is covered. The manufacturer will either repair or replace it.

Bear provides a 100-night free trial. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the mattress in the first 100 days, you should contact the company for a full refund.


If you are looking for a mattress that is middle-of-the-road or slightly above average in terms of firmness, is highly responsive to your individual shape and sleeping position, sleeps cool, and offers great bounce and support, then the Bear mattress is worthy of your consideration.  We rate this mattress at a 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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